How to get started today

“Your pace is the right pace”

Something we always say at Fruci Fit.

Especially as some of the ladies come in with this idea of typical gyms where there are lots of machines you don’t know how to use

Or maybe in the past they have just been left to their own devices with a sheet of paper to follow

lots of people around them flexing their biceps 💪 (nothing against that…)

We are a bit different being ladies only 40+ and 50+ and beyond…

It’s not all about intensity, all of the time…

but consistency.

After all, that’s what the research shows.

Consistency trumps “perfection”…

Sure, intensity can suit some people, but for many?

They need consistency .

To show up.

(Even when they don’t feel like it << more on that tomorrow).

But this is the dichotomy.

Because then the monkey on our shoulder says

“I won’t be able to stick to this”

“there’s no point doing it for one day”…

“I’ll start another time”

After all, do it for one day?

Nothing will happen. Just like brushing your teeth.

But what if you flip this?

And say to yourself:

“I will just do it for today”

After all, today is all that exists.

So if you keep doing it “just for today”

^^ say that every morning

What could be different in your life?

Your health?

Your fitness?

Your mobility?

Your mood?

Body shape?

So just commit to doing it for today. No matter how small

Matt “your pace is the right pace” Fruci

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