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How to get motivated to exercise at home

So right now is – of course – a time of uncertainty…

Lots of fear…


So I wanted to share what Caroline (one of the ladies inside our Fit For Life Programme) posted in our support group yesterday:

“Ok everyone – we’ve got this haven’t we? 

Many people will be moaning that their gym has
closed and they can’t do this or that, but here we have Matt on our case as usual enabling us to maintain our routine. 

Yes it’s difficult to motivate yourself to do workouts at home but is there a spare room or somewhere you could put a mat and pretend you’re at one of our classes?

Yes I will miss all your smiley faces early in the mornings,

lying on the mats like stranded fish after a hard song challenge, and the jokes and the banter but all those classes I’ve done since September have overwhelmed me with benefits and I know many of you have had more spectacular results than me so we can’t waste it and throw it away can we? 

It’s tough especially working, coping with the worry this has brought, having children at home but as Matt says, 

we owe it to our families to stay fit and healthy. 

Besides doing workouts at home with Matt shouting at us is better than listening to all the doom and gloom which is no good for our mental health. 

This group can all support each other can’t we? 🤗💕

And it reiterated something to me….

That it is NOT just the sessions that make the Fruci Fit community and support…

But the people. The Support. The Fun.

And one thing we always preach?

Focus on what you can control…

Everyone is doing their best…for them..

Most people?

Acting out of fear.

Panic buying? They are acting out of fear.

Complaining about panic buyers? Acting out of fear.

And I get it..

But – your energy is important right now.

For you, your family and your mental health…

This is going to sound a bit weird…


There is always positive in everything..

It doesn’t feel like it right now..

And this will get worse..

But what we can ALL do?

Control our actions..


Well, this is the key part..

Who needs you right now?

How do you feel after your exercise?

Your energy?

Who else benefits when you exercise?

And if you missed my live 10 minute workout yesterday?

Grab a saucepan and go here:

It’s a saucy one 😉

Matt ‘motivation’ Fruci