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How to get more energy 💡

So I was coming back from picking the babies up from nursery 

And my oldest daughter (going on 2 years old)

Says how she’s going to go and see mummy when she comes back..

To which I reply:

“Mummy’s not at home”

Which results in her getting a bit upset…

“Ohhhh I want to see mummy”

Really cute…

But the thing is,

As soon as I explained that mummy was at work 

(Something we do a lot – explain everything. About when I go to work etc)

Her energy completely changed..

Going from being upset to

Her saying “I’ve been at work, too” 

^^^ referring to nursery haha

Now, the reason I’m sharing this

Is that rather than ASSUMING she’d understand that mummy wasn’t at home..

just the simplest of explanations 

Completely changed her energy..

And the reason this is powerful 

Is because it reminds me of how much I assume…

Assume that Mrs Fruci will know I’ll be home later..

Assume the barista will know that I want whole milk in my coffee 😂

Assume that a 2 year old will understand…

And even…

Assume I’ll wake up with energy and motivation

And on this last one ☝️ 

This is where just the smallest of actions

Like reading your goals first thing in the morning

writing down a short message to yourself…

Having a picture on the fridge…

Can be a simple and effective explanation / reminder 

To do the things you know you need to do

And set your intentions for the day…

Rather than “assume” you’ll have motivation and energy..

After all, energy isn’t just given..

You have to create it.

And unfortunately,

When you’re low on energy,

The things you neglect are the energy producing activities…

Like your self-care, exercise, time with loved one, “me” time…

Which makes it even more important to schedule in something for you each day..

And this is what we keep the ladies on our programme accountable to inside our 4 Week Kickstart programme…

Sounds simple

But how do you feel when you do something for you?

How do you feel when you have fun?

Hear something that make you pause and question what you’re doing?

And speaking of which 

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To help you do the things you know you need to do..

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Matt “never assume” Fruci

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