how to finally change..

New year, new me?

So many of us will try to change our actions TODAY…

But not many of us will change our thoughts…

Or change our ‘input’..

Your thoughts impact what you believe and what you do…

But if we are filling our brains the news

Social media…

And other peoples business?

We are relying on them to fill our brains with positivity…

Unless of course..

We can learn to respond differently. 

You see, the secret to finally changing?

(other than changing your thoughts).

Is actually reducing your time spent


Beating yourself up on something that happened before.

Maybe you’ve defined yourself based on choices you made in the past?

You failed one diet so you now think all diets fail?

You hated the gym so you think exercise is not for you?

I get it..

My challenge to you today?

  1. Write down one thing you are not letting go of which is currently impacting your thoughts and behaviors and therefore results today?
  2. What could you do to reduce the time spent dwelling / beating yourself up about this (after all, this is probably the thing holding you back)

I’ll be honest.

I once believed that I could achieve my dreams of helping people think and do differently when it comes to losing weight and getting fit…

Simply because I saw so many social media posts from so called nutritionists and personal trainers 

Which I disagreed with.

Then I realised

That we have to work together

Everyone has different skills.

The secret is teamwork..

The secret is working together.

Hence now

We have the most amazing team at Fruci Fit.

All offering different expertise in different areas.

We train new personal trainers to help transform other peoples lives

And we get results likes these

And we can help MORE people

We can help people think and do differently 

Like I want to do with you

On Monday 9th January in our FREE 5-Day Kickstart which I will be doing 

All I ask ?

Is you meet me halfway 

And show up

Ready to finally think differently

Transform your fitness, health and body shape?

Join us here:


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