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How to eat chocolate and get in shape?!

How to eat chocolate & get in shape?

“I would start but it’s Christmas”

Then it is:

“There is still so much crap in the house”

Before we know it, Valentines chocolates

Easter Eggs

Summer Ice Creams & BBQs

Throw in the birthday party’s and it begs the question:

“Is there ever going to be a PERFECT time?”

In fact, is the perfect time NOW?

Thing is, you will always have temptations.

We live in – what the researchers call – an obesogenic environment.

Food is more available than ever before.

Delivered to your door..

We don’t even have to go shopping anymore..

So essentially, even without thinking about it..

We are moving less and eating – potentially – more…

Especially when you consider there is more processed food than ever out there 

^^ not that processed food is ‘bad’ as some of it is actually very nutritious (more on that another day)

But something that came up the other day when I was chatting to one of the ladies inside our Kickstart programme

She was not sure if she could keep up her results as she wanted chocolate.

Little did she know?

She can eat chocolate. 

As we always say:

“Give yourself permission to eat anything just not everything”

^^ big difference

You see, I always ask people about where they want to set their nutrition baseline when helping people with their habits.

Do you want the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the time you are eating wholesome nutritious foods, with 20% of time more around the more processed foods / alcohol?

Or are you more 90/10 or 70/ 30 ?

Either way it has to be your choice. 

Thing is though, it is easy to say you will be “80/20” but hard to actually do it.

Especially when you have been bombarded by all or nothing diets in the past.

Leaving you thinking that you have failed when you slip up

You know, when you have tried a low carb diet before then you think you have failed just because you had a potato…


Take this example:

Let’s say someone was eating 1300 calories a day and wanted to follow the 80/20 rule.

Based on 20% will be ‘whatever you want’ (chocolate in this case)

That means 1300 *0.2 = 260 calories of chocolate every day 

Yep that is 260 calories of chocolate every day

And you are ON TRACK.

It becomes part of the plan .

This is just an example, and it might be more for you.

You will only know, if you do it.

If you’d like join us on our next Kickstart, specifically for women in over 40 and 50 in and around the Marlborough and Devizes area.

Then message me with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details.