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How to change bad habits…

“You left the cupboard door open, Daddy”

^^^ my 4 year old says to me..

It’s a well-ingrained habit.

I don’t mean to do it.

But when I am on the go?

Rushing around?

I seem to fall back into it..

But you know what?

Having a 4 year old point it out sure is helping me..

It’s keeping me accountable. 

I mean, who wants to be called out by a 4 year old 😉

But why am I sharing this today?

Well, we often define habits as ‘bad’ or ‘good’..

We say things like:

“Bad habits are hard to break”

“It’s the way I am”

^^^ that’s me with my cupboard doors…until a 4 year old calls me out…

Thing is, what do you believe and how do you feel

When you believe that “bad habits are hard to break”


“It’s the way I am”? 

Disempowering, right?

It’s almost like ‘What’s the point?”

The good news?

Habits are not actually ‘good’ or ‘bad’ until we label them..

“Bad” habits are no harder to break than “good” habits until we label them..

It’s simply a case of:


^^ read that again

That is how we are where we are today.

Our brains “learn to forget” AKA we do things without having to think about it.

You know, like brushing our teeth, leaving cupboard doors open..

Or grabbing that extra handful of nuts and raisins …then a biscuit before bed as we just feel like something…

I get it..

This is why we take you through small steps to give you the awareness and accountability to transform your habits 

So you can tone up, get fit and develop a positive  relationship with food again where you feel in control.

Our Reboot programme is now open.

If you’d like more info

Just message me with ‘reboot’ and I will get you the details