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How to avoid the weight loss rollercoaster?

Does this sound familiar?

Week 1: Ok let’s GO! So so excited for this

Week 2: Stayed the same weight?? WHAT?! After all the effort I’ve 

put in? 

what is the actual point?

Week 3: YES!! So happy right now!! 

RESULTS!!! 3lb loss… happy days…

Week 4: 2lb loss, ok that’s great news! If I keep this up I’ll be seriously happy…

Week 5: WHAT!? 1lb ON??! Livid right now. Not happy. Not one bit.

Week 6: Oh well that’s just my bloody luck. Not shifted at all. I feel a  downward spiral coming on….

Week 7: YESSSSSSSSS 3lb loss!!! Was getting worried there…

This absolute emotioAvoid the weight loss rollercoaster nal ROLLERCOASTER sound familiar??

It doesn’t have to be this way


You could also take a look at these exact same results and think: I’ve 

actually lost over 1lb a week on average over this period…

Not to mention looking at the process WINS …

Such as:

🚀 Number of exercise sessions you did 

🚀 Your water habits 

🚀 Taking your supplements 

🚀 Your fruit and veg intake 

🚀 Doing something for you 

🚀 Sleep routine 

I could go on.

These are all process based habits which you are 100% control of.

And just so happen to increase your mood, health, and fitness 

Not to mention boost your immune system and decrease your risk of disease.

I spoke in more detail about the “weight loss rollercoaster” and strategies to avoid it HERE