How often should you weigh yourself?

“I just need to see the scales move”

“I didn’t lose anything despite everything I’ve done.. what’s the point? 🤬”

^^^ just a few of the messages I get when it comes to the scales 

But I just wanted to share the results of a recent study .

Showing that the more often someone attempts to lose 5lbs, the less likely you are to die from all causes…

And this was also consistent even if people actually ended up heavier.

So cut yourself some slack.

I get it.

Weight loss is motivating .

But just because it hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t mean it’s pointless..

And that’s something we are big on

Because what if you were one day away from seeing the results you wanted to but you gave up?

What if you didn’t see all of the other wins you have achieved?

And it is for these 9 reasons below that explain why the scales go up and down

That I recommend potentially weighing daily so you are less emotional when it comes to the scales (see here ):

1) You’ve started eating more fruit and vegetables – Fibre is hard for your body to breakdown.

^^^ It can make you gassy and bloated

This also means you hold more water. 

2) You’ve started drinking more fluids –  You may sweat a lot one day (weather / exercise) and not so much the next. 

3) You eat more salt one day compared to another  

4) You ate higher carbs than normal today or a few days prior – 

For every gram of carbs stored in your body…

You pull about 3-4 g of water into your muscles which can mean you gain water weight!

This is not fat…

5) Sleep –  If you’re in bed for a bit longer during the night. Perhaps have a lay in. You may get up a few more times in the night and actually PEE more than normal.


Get rid of more water.

So, if during the week, you say, get only 5 hours of sleep a night…

You’ll pee less during the night (and / or first thing in the morning)

And the time between your last meal on the day before and your weigh in is shorter 

^^^ Meaning your body may still be digesting the food!

6) You weren’t consistent with time and day – did you weigh first thing in the morning and after using the loo?

7) You’ve started a new exercise programme – perhaps you have started resistance exercise? Perhaps you have started to put on muscle..

8) You haven’t done what you said you would do – harsh but it makes us reflect on what WE have (or have not) actually done.

Have you done what you said you would do?

9) Menstrual cycle – The premenstrual phase ‘bloat’ can leave you holding more water (and craving carbs…)

To sum up:

It’s for these 9 reasons why the scale is NOT your dictator (it’s one of many) and not your boss.

And why – in my opinion – :

* Progress pictures (for your own personal reference, even if you scroll back through your Facebook photos)

* How you feel (energy, digestion, exercise habits)

* How you feel when you look in the mirror

* How you fit your clothes

Or weigh daily, as I tell you why here: 

Are the best tools you can possibly have…

After all

Who cares how much you weigh, if you feel good in YOU, be it with your confidence, mobility or what you wear this Summer…

Matt ‘scales?’ Fruci

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