How much does it cost?

We’ve just kicked off our free 5-day kickstart today 

(if you want to come straight in, go here:

And one of things we will be talking about is comfort eating….


Feeling out of control.

So I thought I would share a powerful task with you today.

Keep a note of when you comfort eat…

When you pick

When you overeat..

And consider:

How much does that cost?


Do the opposite.

Let’s say you would normally comfort eat tonight after 8pm…

After dinner.

When you fancy something sweet..

Write down what you would have done…

And how much that would have cost..

Add them all up at the end of the week and treat yourself to something non food related.

See how much it is…

And treat yourself …

Not only are you potentially helping your health, energy and sleep.

But you might also be saving more than you think…


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