How much can I lose?

How much can I lose?

When we start on Kickstart programme 

And we chat through your goals

Something that comes up if someone wants to lose weight (as well as get fit and tone up of course) is:

“How much can I lose?”

“What’s realistic?”

And often this leads to people asking about calories 

Or cutting food groups.

And these are all great. 

They can work.

But something that isn’t considered here?

Your level of motivation?

The stress you have?

The time you have? 

Are you super motivated due to a health scare or a health condition?

Do you have an event like a wedding or holiday to aim for?

These all dictate what the best plan will be for you.

I mean, I can tell you now that 

Losing 5% of your body weight 

Is clinically significant to reduce your  risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Help with sleep, and improve mood and see mental health benefits.


Whether this is enough for you?

Depends on the above.

Maybe it’s too much 

Maybe it’s not enough.

But what I will say is

Don’t worry about after that.

If weight loss is your goal

Aim for that first…

Research shows that those who focus on losing the next 5% succeed in 97% of cases

Whereas people who focus on losing more?

Succeed in just 40% of cases.

The secret?

Getting started

Even when the time isn’t “perfect”

And accepting that you can change everyone 

But you will be able to change something 


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