How many snacks?

Bite of an apple

Bit of cheese 

Something from the snack box 

When does it end?

Half term snacking 😂 

And I must say, when I’m around the kids 

I generally eat more.

For one, I have 3 meals as opposed to two.

And there’s often leftovers from snacks.

Which can tempt me.

Lessons from this?

Your environment matters.

My eating, concentration and energy is best when I’m working in the studio. 

I have limited food. 

Eat what I take. 

Done ✅ 

But half term?

Office cultures?


Can change this .

We have to create our environment 

To make it easier, of course.

But this isn’t always possible. 

But there’s lots that we CAN control.

This is why I put together the Half Term survival guide with simple and actionable tips to help you feel more in control of your food.

If you haven’t got a copy and would line one?

Comment with “half term” and I’ll send it over.

And sure, you might be thinking “but it’s a bit late now, the damage is done”

This is where I want you to think differently 

Because what you do today doesn’t just impact today

But what you do tomorrow 

And the next holiday season ( 🎅🎅)

Matt “better late than never” Fruci

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