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‘How long should I exercise for?’

I’ll admit
Before I had kids…

I actually used to find myself ‘judging’ others when I saw babies crying and messing around..

Little did I know that babies can be amazing one minute and a different baby the next…

even if you do EVERYTHING right…
It all goes well:

Eat, Sleep, Poop, Change…REPEAT…

you still can’t quite work out why they are crying at that moment. It must be human nature to want to KNOW 100% everything haha

Which is exhausting…​​

..but you might only see the 15% when they just have one of those moments where they’re having a little, tantrum, screaming, crying, shouting …

But I guess like all things, you just have to work on your ‘don’t get care what others think’ muscle…

After all, if you can’t control it? Why worry about it?

And that’s the exact strategy which has been shown to help you lose 30% more unwanted body fat…​

That is, asking yourself where you spend MOST of your energy:

Is it:

1) On things like traffic, the weather, what other people say or thinking about you, Brexit, politics, the news?

^^ This is essentially stuff you have little / no control over 

2) On things like the weighing scales, your waist measurement, how fit you are, your cholesterol, blood sugar levels, metabolism?

^^^ these things you can INFLUENCE, but you cannot 100% control them…

3) On things like your beliefs, what you eat, your exercise habits, how you RESPOND to what people think or say about you…

^^^ These things are 100% in your control…

So imagine if you spent more energy on number 3? 

How would your mental and physical health be different?

Because when you focus on the PROCESS AKA the things you can control…the results take care of themselves…

You see, it MATTERS what goes in-between your ears (your brain…)

So if you have these inherent beliefs that things are supposed to be a ‘certain way’…’I’m rubbish’…’I’m s#iT’


LIMITING beliefs..

^^^ Which are simply thoughts that YOU have believed for so long that you think they’re true…

Pay attention to what you are reading. 

Pay attention to what you are listening to. Watching. Reading.. 

Because it MATTERS…

So much that it could be dictating what you do and how you feel.
Not to mention how much time you have…
And speaking of time…
That brings me on to the question of 
‘ how long you should exercise for…’
You see, without giving you the simple, unhelpful, yet kind of true answer of :
‘How long’s a piece of string…’
One thing I will say is to get started today and that something is better than nothing..
Sure, it would be great to do an hour a day or whatever they say is fancy right now..
But you’ll probably get more benefits from just committing to be a more active person..
Taking the stairs instead of the lift…
Not sitting for more than an hour at a time
A walk at lunchtime…
And I get these things can be easy to forget..
So if you are willing to commit 5 minutes for your health today?
Just send over a message or comment below with ‘health’
And I will send over a 5 minute workout for you ☺
And sure, this might not seem a lot..
But if there is something you can DO and commit to 
Even on your WORST day?
When can’t you do it?

Matt ‘how long’s a piece of string’ Fruci