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How Judith lose 2 stone without it feeling difficult

“They’re tired”

^^ my response when the kids are having tantrum moments 

What’s my point?

Well, when I was chatting to one of the ladies the other day about boredom eating,

She was saying that it’s usually mid afternoon when she’s a bit tired 

Bored of working from home 

And wants a distraction.

Now, what was interesting 

Is that she said she feels tired at this time 

But had never considered just having a rest.

Mainly because she would feel guilty…


She felt guilty anyway after snacking and eating 3 bags of crisps ..

So my question was why not feel guilty doing something that actually makes you feel good?

I mean, if you’re going to feel guilty anyway? 

Here’s one for you:

If your best friend came to you and said they were feeling “tired”

What would you tell them to do? 

See, we have the answers.

You probably know when you’re boredom eating and how it makes you feel…

But doing something about it is another thing altogether.

Its why we set you simple, daily habits 

And keep you accountable to them in our 21 Day Home Kickstart programme  for ladies 40+ who want to get fit and drop a dress size.

In fact, it’s the same habits that Judith has applied to lose 2 stone and 9.5 inches. Here’s what she said on Facebook:

Since I started with Fruci Fit in January, I’ve lost 2 stones and 9.5 inches from my waist! 

Thank you so much Matt for creating such a marvellous way to help women over 40 to achieve what they thought was impossible. By the way I’m 61 and I’ve struggled with my weight all my adult life

I’ve done so many diets over the years

And Fruci Fit hasn’t even been difficult!!! 

Matt and Julie’s constant support and encouragement has kept me going and made me feel as though it’s not a mountain I’m trying to climb but a molehill

But when I look back on what I’ve achieved I realize that it is actually a mountain I’ve just climbed!”

That’s all for today.

If you’re a  lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size whilst at home,, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “21 Day Home Kickstart Programme”, may be a good fit.

For more info, message me  with “ 21 day’ and I’ll get you the details 

*Please note: We are down to our LAST 5 PLACES for next week

(this is because we start off with a one to one where we put your starting plans together so I cannot take more than this)