“How do I get motivated?”

“How do I get motivated?”

“What’s the key to motivation?”

“I get motivated at first but can’t figure out how to stay motivated long-term.”

The most common question I get is:

 “how do I increase my motivation?”

It’s the wrong question, though.

You don’t need to figure out how to get or stay motivated. 

Motivation will up and leave quicker than it came…without warning or even a goodbye.

Motivation doesn’t last, either…

You will always fluctuate through highs and lows. 

Sometimes you will be highly motivated.

Not knowing ‘why’…

Other times you’ll have no motivation at all …

No matter what you do (it seems)

There’s no magic trick, spell or potion that’ll crank up your motivation and keep it humming on high.

But there is something you should know.

If you find yourself needing motivation, consistency is your answer.

It’s a catch 22,

because most people need motivation to be consistent. 

But most people don’t know how long they need to be consistent for …

Knowing this will give you massive power.

Consistency is the key to progress. 

Progress is the key to motivation and motivation is the key to consistency.

If you’re lacking in motivation, challenge yourself to be consistent for a set period of time. 

It can be 7 day.

 5 days, even. 

Or even just for today.

Say to yourself ‘just for today’

Just pick a time frame to be 100% consistent and follow it to a T.

You will see progress. You will get more motivated, you will be more consistent.

Remember —> everything you want begins and ends with consistency. So above all else, aim for that..


With ONE thing. 


Protein each meal?

A walk?

A workout?

It doesn’t matter what..

But it does matter that you DO…

Anyway, our Free 5-Day Kickstart specifically for women 40+ who know what to do but need the accountability and plan to DO IT starts from Monday 9th January.

Details here:


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