He’s watching 

No matter how many times I was told as a kid to 

Be quiet

Sit still

Stop moaning… 

Nothing would work better 

Than telling me that Santa won’t come unless you be good…

And all around the world…

Parents (including me)

Are using Santa

And his naught elf 

 as an easy way to get their kids to do the things they need to do…

It’s actually why I have coaches helping me do the things I know I need to do…


So that I stop procrastinating 

Stop believing self sabotaging thoughts that I made up (fear of public speaking being one)

Stop pleasing others at the expense of my happiness (which actually means you’re no good to anyone else anyway)

Understanding that my actions don’t just impact me…but my loved ones around me..

All from 

Accountability to make sure I do the things I know I need to do…

And that’s a bit like how our free 5-day kickstart works 

Specifically for women 40+

Because I get you pretty much know what to do…

And that it’s actually putting what you know into a step by step, day by day plan 

That you can do, even when life gets in the way…

And things get busy…

As the best programme in the world?

The one you can actually do!

All from small habits!

Which is exactly what we do in our free 5-day Kickstart Programme for ladies over 40 who know what to do but need that kickstart and accountability to do the things they know they need to do.

If you want more details?  

Register here 

Matt ‘on a shelf” Fruci

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