Have you ever had that ‘one’ last blowout on all the foods you love before starting a new diet?

Me, too…

And I hear it a lot 

Eating the kids chocolates and having to replace them (multiple times) before this ‘new diet’ comes along..

You see, you are NOT ALONE..

even though you probably know from reading my stuff that NO FOOD IS OFF LIMITS…

It is only human nature to associate a new diet with scarcity / deprivation. Which results in you thinking that you need to stock up.

They term it ‘The Last Supper Effect” and even found in research that when they tell people that they are about to go on a diet, they gain weight in the time they were told about the diet and the time to start.

So where does this come from?

Well, it’s partly the ‘diet’ culture.

They tell you that foods are bad.

And the only way to get around this if you suffer from this?

Is to STOP restricting foods.

The most ironic part for me is how restricting so called ‘bad’ foods to be healthier…

results in behaviours, like binge eating, which are actually worse for your health…

​​In fact, some of the ladies I work with mention how they just eat anything and everything when they start a diet. 

Even foods they wouldn’t normally eat…

With Christmas here now

Of course, “I Will start in January” is absolutely fine.

But researchers have found something really interesting.

In fact, when I was doing my postgraduate research into low calorie diets and Type 2 diabetes,

We found this too.

What happens is that when people know what’s about to happen:

“I’m going to give up all of my foods and detox in January”

We eat more of it NOW.

Which means we gain weight now 

And then have more to lose in January. 

So why does this matter?

Well, sometimes we assume that if we do nothing …

Nothing changes.

But what we forget is that just like small positive habits can lead to long term transformation (like the ladies here  https://frucifit.com/who-else-wants-results-like-this/)

It can also work the other way.

There will always be Christmas’s


Lovely, tempting food…

And the only way to manage this and ditch the yo-yo dieting cycle?

Is to learn how to manage your relationship with food 

And exercise…

Knowing that you don’t have to do it all to get results (in fact, imagine if we were consistent with 80% of what we set out to do?)

Just out of curiosity, are there any foods that you feel you can’t eat in moderation?

Are there any foods that you eat freely in moderation without guilt?

These are the type of things we will be going over in my free 5-day kickstart for women 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it

Matt “last Supper” Fruci

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