‘Gyms high risk’…Should you go?

“gyms have been identified as “high risk” locations for catching coronavirus due to sweat and dampness heightening the spread of germs.

Public Health England has not yet offered advice to gym-goers, however medical experts are voicing their concerns over the potential hazard of sharing workout spaces and equipment as the coronavirus outbreak escalates.”

^^^ From the media the other day

And I get that. 

Lots of equipment, saunas, hot yoga etc. 

Sometimes 20-30 people in some classes, squashed like sardines…

Luckily, we don’t really use much equipment because the aim of what we do is to not just get you fit

But also to overcome obstacles that perhaps led you to getting where you are now.

One of them is actually having to go to a gym.

Perhaps know what to do on equipment.

This is why we:

1) Do live workouts you can follow along from home without any equipment (especially important for ladies who lack confidence or – with everything going on right now – allows at risk people to stay at home and still get the energy, motivation and health benefits of exercise 

2) Use minimal equipment in sessions that we can give you (apart from Miss Fortune, Steve the Rope and Dave 😉)

3)Have 15 minute stretch / yoga sessions you can do from home to help with your flexibility

4)Have guided meditations to help you relax and manage stress 

And what we do use in our sessions

 is easily wiped down or some of the ladies won’t use anyway, although some of the ladies do say that they help their knees when squatting!

In fact, just last week, one of the ladies did a squat jump and a star jump for the first time, and another one of the ladies did 4 push ups….

Why is this significant?

Not just muscle / strength and the benefits that this has for healthy ageing…

But also the fact what this means to people – when your daughter says “mummy you just got out of the chair”

^^^ as Mel mentioned last week 

When get to the floor to change your granddaughters nappy (although I have told Linda that this could work against her haha)

When you’re no longer worried about going for a walk with the family and being out of breath.

That’s life changing.

Wash your hands before and after exercise ✅ (like you should do with anything)

Stay at home / exercise from home if you are ill ✅

And let’s all focus on what we CAN do…

And remember there’s no better time to be healthy👍

Which is why I have opened up our April Kickstart Programme NOW…

Which includes our sessions as normal PLUS:

A Kickstart Session To Put Together Your Personalised Step by Step, Day By Day Plan (this can be done online / phone / in person)…


✔ MUSCLE “TONING” EXERCISE – Up to 3 Workouts every week with us… PLUS live 15 minutes workouts and yoga sessions you can do from home personalised for you

(It doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive – WE MAKE IT FUN, CONVENIENT, and ENERGISING)

✔ LIFESTYLE NUTRITION – Customised meal prep / plans

shopping lists based on your specific goals – It doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless – WE MAKE IT FLEXIBLE, EASY, and PERSONALISED FOR YOU

✔ COMMUNITY & OUR 3F ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM- 24/7 access and support with the rest of the Fruci Fit Community where everyone helps, inspires, and motivates each other – It doesn’t need to be like a military bootcamp drill sergeant – WE MAKE IT POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING 

And don’t just leave you to get on with it…

(This is YOU vs YOU remember)

Would you like a bit more info?

Reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’, or ‘Burbage’ depending on your nearest location

And I will get you the details on how this works, be it in person or from home.

Matt ‘you vs you’ Fruci

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