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Guilty? 🤔

So me and Mrs Fruci had our first night away without the kids since having a kids…

And – wow – did I realise just how much my brain doesn’t stop.

I mean, a Part of me felt a bit guilty.

As we dropped the babies off at the in-laws and went up to the Lake District.

You know, you could say that we could have just taken them. 

Let them swim…

Do some walks..

But it’s only when we got there 

That I realised just how the little things of 

Getting them changed

Making sure we bring nappies



Swimming stuff 




I could go on…

Add up 

And change the holiday …

And I’m thinking all of this whilst leisurely swimming in the pool…

And you know what?

Just that one night away..

Completely changed my energy.

Sure, I’d be lying if I didn’t miss the kids..

But that time away, time for me / us.

Actually benefits everyone…

Makes you appreciate everything more…

Those around you / family.. 

And it reminded me of what often happens with this health and fitness stuff…

We have the best intentions to put ourselves first 

Do some exercise because we know it makes us feel better 

Eat better 

But when other stuff comes up?

Be it work

House admin 

family and friends

We suddenly find ourselves at the bottom of the pile

Frustrated and annoyed that we haven’t done what we said we do (again)…

Now, I get this.

I have a small window where I can exercise

I usually set up the kids in the garden whilst I do this outside.

But I’ll admit, it seems like such an effort 

When I’ve still got to make dinner 

Get stuff ready for our sessions

And “feel like” I should do some work.

But when I ask this one question:

“Who else does your behaviour impact?”

I suddenly get some motivation 

As by not getting in my exercise…

Rightly or wrongly

I almost Start resenting loved ones 

For stopping me doing the things I want to do .

I go into blame mode / I’m too busy doing “this” and “that”…

^^ which 10/10 times is more exhausting that just doing it! 

And there’s more..

Kids are always watching 

And if I can’t show them that it’s important to take time for you?

Will they listen to it when I try to tell them?

Matt “guilty” Fruci