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Getting into a routine (how to do it)

It’s that time of the year when we start setting goals for the next year.

This year, some people would have achieved their 2019 goals.

Most wouldn’t have..

And because of this?

Even the word “goals” can be quite negative..

And I get that .

Thing is, I’m going to be honest and say that 

“If nothing changes, nothing changes”…

Let me explain:

When setting goals…

Most of us stop (including me a few years back) after the point of setting the goal.

We set this big, exciting goal. We thrive off of adrenaline to get going..


We never actually plan HOW we will achieve it.

A step by step, day by day ACTION plan.

Of course, it won’t go 100% to plan.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile.

In fact, this is the part  that is neglected yet 

Is so, so crucial 

(And something we do inside the kickstart meeting inside our 4-Week Kickstart)

Which is to identify ALL of the problems that could make you slip up

And come up with a strategy to overcome each one.

I know, I know.

It’s not sexy..

But the results are.

When you have a blueprint 

A step by step plan

For what to do 

When you lack motivation 

Struggle with time

Feel like giving up 

Not sure if “you want to lose weight”

Feel like you have too much other stuff to do for everyone else and not you..

Work gets in the way 

You struggle with confidence 


I could go on.

You can now see 

Exactly what you need to do.

And that – in itself – is a huge confidence boost.

Because rather than crossing your fingers and “hoping” that the problems don’t come up 

You can be ready to tackle them

And make 2020 your  best year yet 

Where you look back this time next year 

With a big a smile on your face 

As you’ve not just proved everyone else wrong 

But you’ve done this for YOU!

To be the best version of you 

Just like we do inside our 4-Week Kickstart.

Matt “new year, new me” Fruci