Fussy eaters? Short on time?

With the festive food well and truly good (in my house anyway)

It is back to the old challenges:

Quick meals

The kids will eat

Which are healthy 

As I don’t want to cook multiple times…

And for me?

This is the perfect meal

✅ get that crunchy carby hit (but gluten free and low calorie / carb with only 60 calories per shell with 6g carbs)

✅ super quick and easy to make 

✅ get reactive with veggies and sides from cucumber and carrot to houmous and avocado 

✅ gives kids a sense of control and freedom to play with food and experiment how they want 

✅ high in protein 

I either use the “old El Paso” taco mix to add to the mince


1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon mild paprika

1 teaspoon dried mixed herbs 

Salt and pepper

Tin of chopped tomatoes 

Then sided:

Frozen peas and sweetcorn 

3 carrots, grated

cheese, grated

Tacos, put in the oven for 3 days


Here is a quick video:




And if lack of time is something you struggle with?

Need some direction and a plan?

With your exercise and eating ?

Know what to do but just need the accountability and support to do it?

Our 5 Day Kickstart is perfect for you.

We start on Monday 9th January.

Specifically for women 40+.

Think differently to get different results. 

Details here:


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