Frustrated with slow results?

Want to be happier?

“If I do this, I will lose ‘x’ weight” the weight loss app tells you


you missed a few exercise sessions…

you had to look after the grandkids

you picked at the leftovers

the social events are ‘getting in the way’ ..

You enjoy them but feel guilty

“I should be doing more”

And we think we should be losing weight every week.

and if we are not losing?

we conclude it is not working.

we may as well ‘ give up’

which really means

“if we are not losing weight, we may as well be gaining weight”

which takes us further away from the place we were when we we were not happy…

and makes it even harder…

Sound familiar?

My advice?

lower your expectations..

and expect it to be haphazard

focus on what you can control…

–> The meals you can control today

–> The amount of exercise you can do (even if it is 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes)

These are types of things we get you focussing on in our FREE 5-Day Kickstart beginning 9th January 2023.


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