Finally, A Realistic & Sustainable Way To  Drop A Dress Size & Get Fit Without Giving Up Your Favourite Foods or Spending Hours In a Gym

Wiltshire Based Registered Nutritionist, Matt Fruci (BSc, MSc), Reveals:

 The 6 Principles That Ladies Over 40 Are Using To Get More Motivation, Improve Their Fitness, & Stop Blaming Willpower In His Book and Home Workout Series- Completely For FREE

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Here's what's inside:

  • 8 Simple habits you can do even on your busiest day to boost your willpower and put you in control of your eating habits (page 26)
  • A simple, yet effective 5-minute home workout series you can do with no equipment to kickstart your energy and motivation (even if you have a hip, knee or joint issue - I give you workouts you can do from the floor or standing) 
  • What to focus on instead of the scales so you can stop beating yourself up and focus on being 1% better today

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