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Free coaching (comfort eating & motivation)?

So with a bit of luck 

And technology permitting,

We will have Dr Adam Bibbey live on the podcast today ..

^^^ Dr Adam Bibbey is a senior lecturer in psychology at Oxford Brookes University.  His research essentially looks at why we do things that seem “rewarding” but actually provide us with “pain” / discomfort. His PhD looked at this with alcohol and other research has been in areas of food.

Which will be available for you live at 1230pm today on my Facebook page here:

If it doesn’t work?

I’ll post it up shortly after

Or you can catch up on my podcast here:



I’m really excited about this..

And can’t wait for our live Q and A for our members with him on Thursday too.

^^^ I for sure have some questions to ask..(personal ones, too)


Why am I bringing this up?

Well, pretty much everyone who starts on our programme 

✅ knows what to do but still doesn’t do it 

✅ feels like they need more motivation (which might not actually be true)

And just the other day 

One lady mentioned that comfort / boredom eating in the evening is her biggest obstacle right now. 

I get that.

It comes up A LOT..

People know what to do but feel a bit out of control.

And you see so many things out there that ‘might’ help…

From eating more protein

Chucking the ‘comfort’ food out

Having a bath


Doing something fun instead


But – ultimately – sometimes it seems NOTHING can work..

It’s frustrating. 

You might feel like a lost cause .

So instead I thought I’d share something with you that might just put you back in control..

Which is that RESEARCH SHOWS that when you are tired / have lacked some sleep

(let’s face it, we all have a few nights a week we don’t sleep well)

Or are a bit stressed 

(who isn’t?)

YOUR BRAIN WILL PERCEIVE FOOD (particularly foods high in sugar and fat like biscuit and cake)

As MORE rewarding than they actually are.

^^^ read that again

Because just knowing this…


That your brain may think you want these foods when you are tired/ stressed

Can make you EXPECT it …

Just a thought…

But anyway, the lady I was speaking to then went on to say 

How amazing she feels when she just lets the urge to comfort eat pass.

She isn’t full and bloated

She isn’t feeling sick

Beating herself up 

Or thinking F it I might as well just eat more…


She is happy


Feels more confident she can do this

Sleeps better..

I could go on..

So we came to this conclusion:

Every evening, she is going to WRITE down

(using a pen and paper…remember them?)

How she feels when she CHOOSES to comfort eat


How she feels when she chooses not to..

Because then it becomes a clear choice 

To what she is saying ‘YES’ to when she comfort eats…

And on comfort eating…

Is comfort eating actually DISCOMFORT eating?  After all, how do you feel AFTER ‘comfort eating’?

Does it take you closer to where you want to be, both mentally and with how you look and feel?


I’m going to be delving into this stuff with Dr Adam Bibbey today 

But all this information means nothing unless you action it..

None of this will work unless you do it..

And I’m not saying it will work. Everyone is different. I have NO idea what your personal challenges are.

But what I can say is that doing nothing and expecting things to change is insanity…

Hope you can join us live or catch the replay..

Live here at 1230pm today:

If it doesn’t work?

I’ll post it up shortly after

Or you can catch up on my podcast here:



I’m really excited about this..

Matt “habits” Fruci