Foods to fight fatigue

I was chatting with one of the ladies yesterday in a one to one (where we put together your starting plans for your 28 Day Kickstart >>> reply with 28 Day for more details on our next kickstart programme and when it opens up again) 

And we got chatting about fatigue..more specifically, managing fatigue, fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 

So I thought I’d share with you today (and feel free to share with others who may find it helpful)

An interview I did the other year with Dr Shelly Coe, who is a researcher and Nutritionist From Oxford Brookes University (where I still do some guest lecturing now)

Her research focus is on  lifestyle, food, and exercise to fight fatigue, tiredness and conditions, such as MS.. 

She is also a big fan of chocolate and wine 😉 backed up the research, of course! 

Here’s what we discussed:

🍫 The everyday food that has been shown to help reduce fatigue (that is pretty tasty and you don’t need loads of time to prep)

🍫 Why lifestyle ‘medicine’ seems to be more effective that drugs for fatigue

🍫 A little known reason that might motivate you to eat more fruit and veg today..

🍫 What to do when you feel you don’t have the motivation or energy to exercise

🍫 Why expensive supplements aren’t the answer either

🍫 Why you’ll struggle to overcome your current obstacles unless you stop doing this one thing…

🍫 3 Things you can start with today to improve your sleep, increase your energy and feel better 

🍫 My 2am secret eating habit…

You can check out the video here:

I hope this helps 😃

Matt ‘🍫’ Fruci

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