Food for fatigue & tiredness 🍫

Quick one today as we have a busy day ahead with our monthly ‘Twilight Spa’ (almost)..

Full of mindfulness meditations, yoga, canapes (kind of), and a nutrition seminar with me.

This is something we every month inside out 4-Week Kickstart programme to help you prioritise self-care 

so you can change the way you feel (which impacts what you DO…which impacts the RESULTS we get)

Speaking of the way we feel, tiredness, and fatigue…

I caught up with Dr Shelly Coe on Friday

who is a researcher and Nutritionist From Oxford Brookes University

with a focus on lifestyle, food, and exercise to fight fatigue, tiredness and conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis. 

She is also a big fan of chocolate and wine 😉 backed up the research, of course! 

Here’s what we discussed:

🍫 The everyday food that has been shown to help reduce fatigue (that is pretty tasty and you don’t need loads of time to prep)

🍫 Why lifestyle ‘medicine’ seems to be more effective that drugs for fatigue

🍫 A little known reason that might motivate you to eat more fruit and veg today..

🍫 What to do when you feel you don’t have the motivation or energy to exercise

🍫 Why expensive supplements aren’t the answer either (or organic)

🍫 Why you’ll struggle to overcome your current obstacles unless you stop doing this one thing…

🍫 3 Things you can start with today to improve your sleep, increase your energy and feel better 

🍫 My 2am secret eating habit…

You can check out the video here:

Let me know what you think…

Oh, and if you’re on the go?

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Matt ‘🍫’ Fruci

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