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Food allergy / intolerance testing 🤔

I had this question a few times last week:

“Should I get a food allergy / intolerance test? Is there a best one?”

There are soooo many “gurus” out there saying you shouldn’t eat ‘xyz’..

Truth is, if you believe some of the tests out there

You’ll be left with nothing but lettuce, a bit of salmon if you’re lucky, and perhaps some curly kale 😂

They’ll give you long lists of foods you cannot eat…


It’s often a lot more simple than this.

Now, before I go into this..

It’s worth you considering why you even think you need this done?

Do you have any symptoms?

or are you just curious?

This might not be the answer you want

But sometimes it’s more simple than you think:

Tiredness – Hows your sleep? Stress management? Perhaps consider whether you are getting enough vitamin B / iron?

Rashes – this is more typical of an allergy

Bloating / IBS – do you eat large portions at once? Do you drink enough water? Do you eat lots of ‘wholegrains’, brown foods, and fermentable foods like potatoes, apples, brown bread, and beans / lentils? 

I ask as I had IBS growing up (always in the loo after I ate…to the extent one time I was in such a panic I accidentally used the ladies loo 😳 )

So I wanted to see which types of foods were causing this is.

Now, a RAST test is quite often used to see if your antibodies are raised…

^ you can ask your GP for this

Mine came out raised to wheat. 

Which explained the blood blisters I would get in mouth 

But only partially explained the IBS / bloating …

As when I reduced my intake of fermentable carbohydrates, like:

👉 bread

👉 brown rice  

👉 pasta 

👉 lentils / beans 

👉 potatoes 

👉 cabbage / sprouts / raw carrot

And focussed instead on protein (like oily fish, fish, lean meats, eggs, fermented dairy like yoghurt), healthy fats, and less fermentable carbs like berries?

I was instantly less bloated…

More energy (as I was absorbing my food)

More time (as I wasn’t on the loo 6 / 7 times a day)

Better to be around (less 💨 😂)

You see, quite often we blame lactose and gluten / bread..

When it can often be the amount of fermentable carbs we eat.

And I’m not saying you HAVE to cut these out…

These foods provide lots of benefits to most people. 

It depends on you..

(And is something a few of the ladies are doing with me right now).

You might just see benefits from reducing these?

There also seems to be a scales of intolerance.

For example, one study found that people with lactose intolerance could handle 150ml of milk…

But you also have to ask the question:

“How much of this placebo?”

I mean, one study found that when people who said they were gluten intolerant were told that they were going to eat bread with gluten in, but were given gluten free bread…

They still presented symptoms compared to when they ate the gluten free bread and were told it was gluten free🤔

Something that gut health researchers suggest doing with milk if you feel you are lactose intolerance is to:

  1. Get some milk and some lactose-free milk.
  1. Get your other half / family member to put then into different cups (without you knowing which is which )
  1. Have one of the types for 2 days and assess symptoms 
  1. Have the other one for the next 2 days and asses symptoms 
  1. Ask the other half / family member which was which (and you might have saved yourself £100 on a intolerance test with very little reliability) 

And if you want to geek out on all of this and get the 5-Day Challenge protocol to ditch bloating?

Check out this podcast I did with UK Registered Dietitan, Mike Sweeney:

👉 if you have an iphone, listen here:

👉 if you have an Android, listen here:

And I stress..

None of this is my “opinion”

It’s just what the science says right now.

I am willing to be wrong…

Willing to say something different in the future (and admit I was wrong)..

that’s science!

And something I learnt when doing my Postgraduate research in Nutrition at Oxford (where I’m actually back as a guest lecturer next month).  

And actually apply to everything I do…

^^^ I even admitted I was wrong to Mrs Fruci about the fact I said I would take the bins out but forgot 😂


Would love to hear your experiences of food allergies / intolerances.

Have to you had any?

Matt “talking 💩 “ Fruci

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