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“Fitter than I was in my 40s”

So I had this message from Julia last week:

“Thanks for today. Loving that my plank was good. 

My body is allowing me to progress.

Can’t believe I am fitter than I was in my 40’s.

Need to start Tennis again too.

Lost a few pounds and feeling groovy.”

Well done, Julia.

Small habits, compound effect.

But I get that you might be thinking:

“I could never do that”

“It won’t work for me”

Or even

“I’m worried I won’t be fit enough to start”

“What if I fail?”

And I get this..

Maybe you haven’t been to an exercise in a while..

Your last experience was in a busy gym

Full of young girls in lycra

And guys lifting weights.

It can put you off.

Maybe you were worried about knowing what to do?

Found it boring ?

Needed help but were too nervous to ask for it?

So you just go to the cross trainer machine and do a little bit on there.

I get that.


Well, pretty much all of the ladies will say to me:

“I am really nervous to start”


Most ladies will also say:

“That was no way as bad as I thought. I never thought I could do so much”

And then you fast forward 3 days?

They’re now:

Drinking more water

Snacking less

Having the confidence to go to an exercise and actually – dare I say it – enjoy it

Getting comments from the other half as they set their alarm for 615am haha

And this isn’t just about going to an exercise session..

This is about asking the question:

“What happens  in 5 years time if you carry on believing the thought that ‘I can’t do it’ ?

^^ This is what we call the Ghost of Christmas Future

Because what happens in 5 years if we don’t get a handle on is probably harder than just facing the fear now.

How do I know?

Well, it was the same with me and my public speaking fears..

In 10 years ….

I have gone from being red in the face, dry mouth, calling in sick for public speaking at university etc..

To  lecturing at university to give back to others, being ask to speak, working in public, NHS, and now doing what  I do with Fruci Fit now…

So what motivated me?

Well, when my lecturer asked me what I wanted to do when I was older…

And said that I wouldn’t be able to do it if I could not communicate my message…

It made me realise 

That if I chose to believe the thought that 

“I wasn’t good enough”

I was saying YES 

To allowing others with no qualifications and supplements to sell to win..

I was saying no to spreading good information and helping people take control of their snacking…

Saying no to helping people enjoy exercise.

So you could say

That my thought that 

“I wasn’t good enough’

Was selfish…

And I couldn’t live with that..

I did a video on this here too:

Matt ‘selfish’ Fruci