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Feeling low? Try this

Feeling low? Try this

So we had one tired little toddler the other day…

Or so we thought…

But it was one of those days…

“I want wellies on”” << ​​​​​​gets wellies on

“I don’t want wellies on” <<< takes wellies off

“I want wellies on” <<< And the cycle continues 😂😂

Funny thing is…

All she needed was a good splash in the puddles

But she didn’t even know it…

She ran around

Got soaked

Splashed in puddles

Fell over in them

And had some fun…

Instantly changed her mood…​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Which I guess isn’t surprising

I mean, how do you feel when you have fun?

And do more things that make you feel good?

Which begs the question:

when was the last thing you did something that makes you happy?

Here’s something I write down and keep handy to make myself feel better:

​​​”I feel happy when:





Here’s what mine looked like:​​​​​​​​​​

1. Make myself laugh by trying to make someone else laugh

2. write a blog

3. cook / listen to a book

5. go for a walk / workout / move 

6. ring a friend

7. Have a get together with mates

8. play chase with my daughters

9. Dance with my daughters listening to baby shark and pink, fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows (video footage will never be released haha)​​

10. meditate 
Because – believe it or not – we can’t decide whether we want our wellies on or off either…


We go around in circles

Not knowing what we want

Why we feel a bit low…

Why we don’t have the motivation​​

Beating oursevles up for not having the motivation

knowing what to do but still not doing it…

^^^ Which makes you even more annoyed

​​​​And probably the worst of all?

W​i​​​​​​​shing that you didn’t feel so low…

Which is interesting

Because you get what you focus on

So if you focus on the thing you don’t want?

You’ll probably get more of it…

So why not do something TODAY


that you get to do

That makes you happy?

Not sure what makes you happy?


Try something new and see..

That is the only way to find out..

Matt ‘pink, fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows’ Fruci