Feel more in control of your food?

I was chatting to someone the other day who 

Was talking about how much they know 

What to do already but just don’t do it..

They felt out of control with their food.

And we went through these exact strategies i spoke about in this video HERE: https://www.facebook.com/100063777397769/videos/668248041396864 

Where I show you 3 things you can do TODAY to help you feel more in control of your food (without actually changing what you eat)

1→ Add 10 chews to your mouthful (can help with digestion, IBS and help keep you fuller for longer, whilst enjoying your food more)

2→ Serve everything out of crockery (so you are conscious of how much you are eating) and sit down when you eat (so rather than eat out of a packet standing up, eat out of a bowl sat down) 

3→ Take 4 deep breaths in and out before eating (so you remind your brain you are not in danger and running away from a lion….)

Simple, right?

But as we always say

These things will only work if you do them

And just like the research shows

The best diet and exercise programme is the one you do..

And as the research shows

You are more likely to do it with support and accountability

Which is exactly what we will be going through in my FREE 5-Day Kickstart

Beginning on Monday.

Want more info?

Join here:


All I ask?

You meet me half way and show it 🙂 

See you there


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