Fear change?

We were at Oxford Brookes University last week delivering a guest lecture to 2nd year and final year Undergraduate students in Psychology, Human Nutrition and Sports Nutrition about behaviour change.

After all, no matter what diet or exercise programme the research shows is ‘best’…

there is one – often forgotten – thing that we need to consider:

Who is actually going to do it?

And this is where being ‘evidenced based’ becomes very interesting.

You see, at Fruci Fit, we pride ourselves in being evidence- based.

But so often do we see people follow the evidence and science in nutrition…

but NOT follow the science and evidence in behaviour change and psychology.

^^ or even consider it

You see, there is a fine balance between the two.

What is optimal vs what will you actually do / what fits your lifestyle

and it is balancing these things that will help you build a sustainable plan…

We even got them doing a one minute workout live in our private support group…

After all, it is those small habits that lead to transformation, whether that is in weight loss, fitness or developing a more positive relationship with food..


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