After seeing last Fridays announcement, that’s what one of the ladies told me she was feeling (along with the rest of us).

And they were VALID reasons, she said she wanted to cancel her membership on Friday NIGHT, 

but by Tuesday, she wanted to re-join.

She said: 

“I didn’t think I could do it on my own and I’m a technophobe but it’s easier than I thought and it’s keeping me sane”

Lots of families are quite rightly panicking and battening down the hatches right now.

We are all making some TOUGH decisions.

Many of these decisions, need to be made FAST.  

And that’s the same with her situation 

Especially when coupled with no sleep.

she was unsure of what was going to happen:

With her business 

Her staff

Her holiday…

So she cancelled.

That was that, or so I thought.

Then on Saturday, me and my amazing Team,

put a ROBUST and CLEAR plan in place for the ladies. 

—> We adding more  LIVE workouts than we already did (4x a day to choose from with stretchology, low intensity, higher intensity and live meditation)

—>615am, 7am, 930am, 7pm sessions every day to book in on and create a routine (we set this for you in a 121)

—> We communicated everything, and held a LIVE Q and A.

The ladies were reassured we had their backs, and were very grateful that they would be able to keep themselves fit throughout the crisis with support and accountability 

Within 24hrs of the bad news,

we had over 30 ladies doing a LIVE online workout.  

They LOVED it!

It was actually a real laugh.

Whether it’s the saucepan workout 

Me showing my magic tricks

Quiz night 

Or even the toilet roll workout (sensitive one I know)

Since Saturday we have had 130+ ladies over 40 years old, following along with our signature programme in the comfort of their own HOME.

The members group is BUZZING.

Accountability partners keeping each other on track..

121s and drop ins to help the ladies 

It’s been a fantastic experience for us and them.

After seeing all of this unfold and trying it…

She saw with her own eyes, other ladies in the same position as her were not only joining in with the programme

, but their families were working out with them too.

With us only one week in..

And is not knowing how long this will go on for

She wanted to keep it going.

 Two or three months of being stuck in the house eating and drinking, and she would have been back to square one, 

and after already losing 2 stone, she NEVER wants to go back there.

Of course, there’s still lots of uncertainty.

But there are positives here.

Families together 



Meals together 

Board games

FaceTime dinner haha 😂 

Now the sun is shining and life, although VERY different, is carrying on.

People are calming down.

They realise they will need to exercise, and keep healthy, there has never been a more IMPORTANT time.  When I have been outside the last few days, Ive noticed LOADS of people out running and walking.

We have new sessions planned 

And the ladies are treating it like they’re on some exotic retreat 😂 

I predict, at the end of this crisis, there will be TWO types of people:

Those that have got Fitter and those that wished they’d more…


PS.  We have 6 places left to start on our 28 Day Emergency Home Workout Programme.  It’s for ladies over 40 who would like to drop a dress size, get fitter and do the things that they probably know they already know they need to do 

Want more details?

Just message me with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details 

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