Falling off the bandwagon? Consider this

“I keep falling off the bandwagon and going back to my old habits, any tips?”

Now, if you prefer to watch a quick one minute video of me explaining why this happens and what to do ?

WATCH HERE https://www.facebook.com/reel/899066487724230?fs=e&s=cl 

But here’s the thing you need to know..

Your brain loves certainty and predictability..

And the thing is,

When we start doing new things?

We enter the unknown..

And the outcome is either unpredictable or at least

Less predictable..

(A bit like British politics)

And it becomes easy to go back to our old habits

As we crave predictability.

You know, “well at least if I just think F it and give up, I won’t fail on trying to stick to something as I haven’t tried anyway”

^^ that is a predictable outcome…aka I know I will fail..

It’s why people keep doing things they don’t want to do for years and years..

So what can you do instead?

Remember why you started…

Remember what you said you would do…


Because we want to put your attention on the future you…

As the only way to get a different outcome

Is to do something different..

If we crave certainty?

Things will never change

^^ read that again 

So today..

When that monkey on your shoulder starts to create those cravings and urges to go back to your old ways…

When you hear others say things like 

“I would never do that”

“You’re exercising at that time? I could never do that”

“Don’t be boring, have one”

^^^or whatever comes your way through wanting to be the best version of yourself (on that note, remember that to be loved for who you are, you have to be who you REALLY are..)

Be curious, and ask this question:

Will this choice take me towards an inspiring future (which is [ insert here]), or will it keep me stuck in the past? 

We are often convinced that sticking to what we know keeps us safe AKA are you

making choices that do not align with the inspiring future you want?

 “I want to get fit and be healthy but I keep doing things that take me further away from that”. 

So, I want you to write down the things that keep you stuck and take you further away from the inspiring future you say you want e.g. “I watch Netflix instead”. Then write down how you justify the choices: “I am too busy”.


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