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Ever heard of this diet?

Ever heard of the alkaline diet? Aka “The pH Miracle Diet”?

It was popularised by celebs like Kate Hudson < she’s in Bride Wars and How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days (I have great taste, I know. Mrs Fruci is in charge. Not me…Blame shifted)

The diet is based on the “miracle” idea that certain foods, like meat, sugar and wheat, make your body too acidic, causing diseases like cancer, muscle loss, back pain, bone loss etc.

Well anyway, Robert Young (the creator of the diet) was ordered to pay a 

$105 million settlement to someone who was battling breast cancer   

And paid $77,000 for a treatment predominantly based on sodium bicarbonate  <<< Yes, the same sodium bicarbonate in Waitrose for 86p

Now, yes, certain foods can be “acidic”. Certain foods can cause inflammation (especially if you have an allergy or an intolerance)

But guess what?

You don’t just eat acid. 

You don’t just eat food. You eat meals, right? 

You  combine foods

Like meats, veggies, potatoes, rice, bread, fruit, pasta, milk, eggs etc…

And guess what happens when you have a balanced meal? You create a NEUTRAL pH 

But what’s even more annoying about what these “diet gurus” are telling you is that their “miracle” ideas are based on complete nonsense. 

Even if you do ONLY eat “acidic” foods, your kidneys work that bit harder and your pH levels stay pretty much the same.

^^^ It’s a bit like say ‘don’t run too fast as you’ll make your lungs work harder’

As if what you are really changes you pH?

You’d be dead!

Now, don’t get me wrong, telling someone to eat more “alkaline” foods could help you get healthier  and lose weight. 

After all, it basically says eat more veggies

Which can only be a good thing 

 But to say that certain foods are causing x, y and z diseases. 

To make you fear “bad” foods. Develop anxiety around social events through becoming scared of “acidic” foods?

It’s probably  NOT healthy and is actually pretty stressful..on top of your work, life, domestic admin, emails., kids etc…

And might actually be more “acidic” for your health 😉 


The stress of worrying about being “perfect” and alkaline 

Is probably worse for you…

You know:

“Diet starts Monday” …

Which almost makes us resent this whole healthy eating stuff anyway…

Making us crave the things we can’t have 

And miss out on the amazing feelings

That exercise and good nutrition can create 

To give you the energy to do the things you want to do 

And feel fit, healthy and confident!

Matt ‘myth dispeller’ Fruci