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“even my husband was surprised” 😮

This could be a soppy one.

Especially as I write this laying in an Epsom salt bath, 

Wrinkled skin from being in here too long (I write the skeleton of my blogs the night before)

not being bothered to change the music 

Even though my playlist has gone on to Frozen – Let it go (usually for the kids…honest)..

And it’s because I’ve had SOME amazing messages this week…

Some saying things like:

◊ They’d been going up and down the stairs more easily

◊ They had gone some things down in the garden from the shed to which the husband ‘couldn’t believe I did it” <<< as usually he always has to do it

Not to mention this from Tracey:

“I found the whole experience enlightening, informative, engaging, easy to follow and most of all fun. Matt is a great teacher.His technique is more of sharing experience but also has extensive knowledge particularly in the field of older women and the health and fitness battles we face considering our body chemistry. 

I lost 4 pounds in the one week and still had cake or ice cream every day, had pasta dishes and even chipshop fish and chips. Also gave us some geat tools and techniques to take away and utilise in our daily routine to make us feel great again.

 Many exercises I couldn’t possibly have normally done, but Matt gave us alternative ways of doing them to ease joint stresses, brilliant

The exercises arent long…short blasts focussing on a specific muscle or group of them, so I find them easier to do…and they work. Matt also recognises the many other life factors that affect our mindset in achieving fitness, our ups and downs, highs and lows, and suggests strategies of how we might address these in order to keep our fitness focus. 

 I have already signed up to Matt’s 28 day program to gain even more tailored routines and eating tips to help me continue my fitness journey. This is not a diet or specific exercise routine…it’s a way of life.Thanks Matt”

And it reminded me of something pretty huge and powerful about this exercise stuff…

You see, the main benefits of exercise are not what most people think..

Most people think they need to exercise to lose weight.

But actually, you don’t ”have to”…

To lose weight? You just need to be in a calorie deficit. 

And although exercise sure helps with this…

The main benefits of exercise are actually 

How it changes your body shape..

For example..

Muscle is about 20% more dense than body fat..

So if you lose 5kg of body fat

And gain 5kg of muscle

You will be the SAME WEIGHT YET 20% SMALLER (hypothetically speaking)

^^^ This was actually a question in our quiz night the other night..

Meaning you’re clothes will fit better ✅

Everyday tasks are easier  ✅

Because you are stronger and fitter ✅

You feel more confident ✅

Blood sugar levels improve ✅

Lung capacity improves ✅

Quality of life and independence prolonged ✅

In fact, a recent study (2019)

Showed that total excess costs associated with muscle weakness were £2707 per person per year in the UK.

Resulting in ‘an estimated annual excess cost in the UK of £2.5 billion”


The good news?

A 2011 study showed that adults aged 70-79 years preserved muscle and prevented fat gain with age suggesting that

Muscle loss and fat gain may be ‘the effect of chronic disuse rather than muscle ageing”

But I get even with that

It is hard to know where to start…

You see, being ‘active’ is important

But is it enough?

I am not so sure…

There is more and more interest in resistance and muscle strengthening exercise right now 

And the effects are exciting in terms of ageing. 

And so when I get messages like this from Jan, too, it really gets me excited:

“The highlights were that for me the exercises suited my age and what I could do, there was nothing too hard but it worked.  

Matt let’s you adapted where you find things a little tricky, another highlight is not only do you get a great exercise routine but also you get nutritional help, you get things to spur you on.

 Another great thing is its like it’s on a one to one basis, but after you can chat with the other people on it.

I would definitely recommend Fruci Fit to anyone and everyone. The beauty of it is you can carry on doing it, already I have felt the benefit.  Do it,  you won’t regret it!!”

I remember back in 2014 when we first started our ladies only programmes…

No kids at the time..

Had just got married…

And I just had this vision to create the best ladies only programme in Wiltshire [specifically for ladies over 40]..

I wanted to make it non-intimidating

Somewhere that people who never thought they could find somewhere comfortable to get fit and heathy could go.

And find themselves surprising themselves by actually sticking to it.

For ladies to make friends, not be judged, speak to expert trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, yoga teachers

And get amazing results.

To become stronger – physically and mentally

More confident. 

To overcome adversity..

And for the past 6 years or so 

It’s surpassed what I could ever have imagined…

I absolutely love my work

And I love delivering our live home workouts to all of our members 

[some of them are now able to exercise every day which is amazing…and we will be keeping live workouts from home going, too]


I am really looking forward to when those doors open up again, too.

And we can see everyone in person ..too!

Be it at sessions or our “spa” events with nutrition seminars, magicians, meditation and yoga..

The beauty of this is you can fit it to your lifestyle, whether you want to exercise from home, in person or a It of both 

(this is our signature programme that encompasses health, fitness, nutrition, mindset so you can do the things that you probably know you need to do to get fit and develop a positive relationship with food and exercise)

But you know what?

As amazing as everything is right now with our live workouts and outside sessions…

None of this is good without people…

Without our amazing community. 

Sorry to go on and on haha

Writing these emails are meant to inspire you to become fitter and healthier

Over 3000 ladies get them.…

I actually find them therapeutic to write. 

This one especially..

So if you’re still reading?

Thanks for listening to this long-winded reflection…

In a nutshell:

I’m so excited for what we have coming over the next few months..

Our programme is specially for ladies over 40


  1. Support and community is a big part of this to help you stay motivated and confident that you do not have to do this along
  2. It allows me to make everything more bespoke for you (a woman over 40 wouldn’t do the same thing as a 20 year old guy…)
  3. This includes the nutrition and fitness, taking into account injuries, joint issues, diets you’ve tried before, menopause and more…