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Got this message last week (see image)

And it was reiterated by a convo I was having with one of the ladies

Just starting out on her 28 Day Kickstart

(reply with ‘kickstart’ and I will get you the details)

She mentioned she wanted to start to focus on feeling better

Although she wanted FAST weight loss.

She really wanted to feel better.

And my question back was this:

What happens if you feel better?

The response?

Eat better

Do more

Have more energy

Feel healthier.

Which just so happen to be the things that might just help 

You lose the weight 

In a CONSISTENT manner

Rather than losing weight really quick 

Only for it to come back on as we cannot sustain it.

Something we go through in our 28 Day Kickstart

Specifically for women 40+

Who pretty much know what to do but want the plan, accountability and support to do it..

Be it with us in the studios in Chippenham, Marlborough and Devizes

Or all from home .


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