Enjoy your Easter Eggs.

Good news: eggs really are great sources of protein 😉 (thank me later)

Speaking of protein…

recent research published in Nutrition Reviews found..

That older adults consuming higher than ‘normal’ amounts of protein (> 25 % of their overall intake) became LEANER


Lost MORE FAT than those consuming < 25% of their overall intake from protein.

So, eating more protein than the ‘norm’ may help you lose more fat and get that toned look you want.

And this is something we see a lot:

Protein intake is relatively low

Not even at the ‘normal’ level.

And then we wonder why:

* You’re always hungry

* You feel like you’re craving cakes, sweets and chocolate

* You give in to your ‘willpower’, binge, and feel guilty

On top of this…

We have to remember that protein makes up our:

* Skin

* Hair

* Nails

* Digestive system

* Immune system <<< feel like you struggle to recover from common colds?

So it’s no wonder that protein is ESSENTIAL for us.

We have to get sufficient amounts from the food we eat.

And by getting sufficient protein and having a leaner body…

We may get anti-aging benefits.

Increased strength.

Improved cognitive performance

improved bone density.

And here’s what’s interesting:

As we age, we actually lose our ability to use and absorb nutrients like protein.

^^^ Whether this is just because ‘we age’ or whether we tend to do less exercise as we age is inconclusive…probably a mixture of both in my opinion.

At the same time, our taste preferences can change so we are less likely to eat as much protein.

Perhaps a recipe for a reduction in lean mass?

The good news?

We know that exercise (particularly resistance exercise)


Increasing our intake of protein

^^^ As well as the quality of our protein (think of foods like lean meats, fish, beans, dairy and eggs)

Can compensate for this REDUCED ability to absorb and use protein…

Which may help us feel more full, stop the cravings, and get summer lean!

And there’s more:

Omega 3 (found in oily fish) may also improve your ability to use protein.

And potentially…

Vitamin D3 may help too (if you are currently deficient)


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