Do this and you’ll ‘accidentally’ eat 16% more

Remember the old plates we used to eat from?

The ones with rims? As opposed to those lovely white square ones we have today <<< Mrs Fruci's idea not mine 😉

Well, it turns out that smaller plates could help you eat 16% less (without feeling any difference in your hunger...).

I know what you're thinking?

'Well, why don't I just eat off of a saucer?'

Well, they tried that. And it turns that you can trick yourself....but you can't trick yourself that much


You'll be starving 😉

But the truth is, making this simple swap to a smaller plate, bowl or lunch box COULD help you lose weight without really changing anything.

What do you think about this swap?

Would you rather just have a plan that takes the guesswork out of knowing what and when to eat to lose weight and get in shape?

Go here.

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