Eat after 6pm?

So last Saturday, the Fruci Fit team attended a nutrition event in London. 

Some great talks from Dr Nicola Guess and Dr Alan Flanagan all about blood glucose control, pre diabetes, diabetes, why when you eat MIGHT matter and more. 

So important to continually invest in your learning and keep up to date with the research (and protect yourself from fad diets).

Scientific research is always informing and contributing to health and wellbeing. 

By staying abreast of this it means we are better informed, which can only benefit those we work with everyday 

Oh and the best part about research? It’s shows that you don’t necessarily need to worry about a spike in your blood sugar levels from eating a Thai curry with a gin and tonic (even if you eat it late at night after 6pm) 😉

And speaking of whether you should track blood sugar levels..

Being worried about eating after 6pm in case you store it all as fat..


Going Keto…

Or sprinkling lemon juice in your water to burn more fat…

I’ll be covering exactly what the science says in my free 5-day Kickstart beginning on Monday.

I’ll be introducing the week tomorrow, ready for the week ahead at 8pm .

Here is the week:


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