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Dr Adam Bibbey on comfort eating

So yesterday – despite some technological difficulties with Zoom and Facebook …

I interviewed Dr Adam Bibbey, who is a senior lecturer, with an interest in stress, psychology, and behaviour change…

With comfort / boredom eating and motivation such a hot topic at the moment, I thought it would be great to get Adam on to discuss this more.

Here is what we discussed:

😃 A simple technique to help with habitual behaviours like eating just because someone else is eating (I get that, Mrs Fruci literally ate late last night and it made think ‘should I eat’)

😃 Addictive behaviours and what to do if you have ‘no time’ to fit anything

😃 A three-step model to help change your habits, be it with your motivation, exercising more, comfort eating or – like me – procrastinating with ‘yet another cup of coffee’

😃 How to break the cycle of mindless eating (and put the bowl of soup down <<< really interesting study)

😃 Reward deficiency syndrome & how this relates to stress, exercise addiction and comfort eating

😃 Stress and how it can impact me and you differently depending on your personality and reward deficiency syndrome

😃 Cardiovascular disease and our stress response (the risk)

😃 When stress is actually a good thing

😃 Why for some people ‘2 squares of chocolate’ just isn’t enough to satisfy them and what to do instead

Plus much more…

Here it is:

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