Don’t make this same mistake I did

My first car was a Citroen Saxo.

I know nothing about cars.

But it was cheap..

And it had cool speakers at the back.

So when I played music, it would sound pretty good. 

The problem?

I bought it for the wrong reasons. 

It looked ‘cool’ and was cheaper than most other options.

First off, the car started to cut out when I went down a gear.

Not safe or handy when living in Swindon

Every few yards, there seemed to be a roundabout…

So a few hundred pounds later…

That seemed to be fixed..

Until it started happening once in a while again.

So infrequent, I kind of ignored it. If it did happen, I could start the ignition again and it would be fine. 

And then.

On a holiday with my now wife.

We were in a little room in Center Parcs.

Amazing time.

It was snowing…

Outside in a heated swimming pool. 

We had a spa.

Fake tan was in at that time.

So I even ended up with an orange glow..

Luckily, we were heading home that day

So I thought ‘no one will see me, and I can scrub this orange off me when I get home’..

So we’re driving home.

The accelerator seemed to lose it’s power.

I’m on an A road coming back from Longleat. 

Trying to go 60mph

My foot is down.

But I am stuck at just would not go any faster. 

Not even my speakers playing Beyonce and Lady Gaga could help me. 

Long story, short..

We ended up getting towed away by Recovery…

And yes, 

The guy did ask why I was so orange…

And I ended up having to get another car.

A Citroen C1. One I said was ‘too expensive’…

The lesson?

This cost me:

→ time

→ patience

→ and a lot of money

My desire to ‘buy’ cheap..

Ended up with me spending more.

The old ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ comes to mind.

And it is similar in the health and fitness industry.

People will join a Pure gym or the Gym

Do it for a year, go a few times on and off, lose a bit of weight then put it back on..

After that they join us on a 28 Day Kickstart where they lose the weight, get fit, enjoy exercise and the support and accountability to find a way of fitting exercise into their lifestyle whilst feeling more in control of their food. 

But by that time they have already wasted £300 on a gym membership they barely used…

Or maybe used for a bit but did not actually get the results they wanted, be it with their fitness, eating habits, consistency, or weight loss.

Feel like they wasted 12 months.

AND then had to pay for our programme as well. 

It would have been cheaper and quicker to just join us in the first place. 

That Citroen Saxo was an expensive lesson for me. 

But it sure taught me a lot.


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