Don’t forget this…

don’t forget this

If you’ve followed day blogs over the last few days

You’ll have seen we have been talking about everything from how much weight you need to lose to make a difference 


When you should stop trying to lose weight …

So today

I wanted to remind you that simply doing the things that are associated with weight loss such as:

—> increasing fruit and veg 

—> increasing water 

—> increasing protein intake 

—> exercising 

—> better sleep 

INDEPENDENT of weight loss


If you do these things above and don’t  lose any weight 

You still get benefits including:

—> reduced risk of heart disease, cancers and type 2 diabetes 

—> improved bone density 

—> reduced risk of falls 

—> better quality of life 

—> improved fitness levels and easier to do everyday takes 

—> improved insulin sensitivity 

—> improved symptoms associated with menopause 

I could go on..

So it’s key to also put your attention on the your habits 

Not just the outcome …

As ultimately 

What you do today

Dictates how you feel tomorrow 

So don’t forget to celebrate those wins 

Like what some of the ladies said last week (see images in the post) on our Kickstart programme (specifically for women 40+ who pretty much know what to do already but want the plan and accountability to do it.. message with “kickstart” and I’ll get you the details.


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