Does keto only work if….

“Does keto only work if you are rigid with it?”

A question I had last week.

So what is the keto diet?

—> 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs (hence it is quite hard to actually do ‘properly’. Even people who say they are doing it, probably are not doing the true definition of keto but rather keto style / Atkins (even if you got full fat beef mince and put butter on top, you would still struggle to hit these ratios (as the protein would still be too high) 

→ It has been around for many years, showing potential benefits to help with epilepsy and in the treatment of certain cancers

→ The majority of your food comes from FAT. 

→ It became pretty popular when Trudy Deakin came out and said she was eating 82% FAT….because it was just sugar fuelling obesity.

Kim Kardashian and – apparently – Megan Fox, too, have dabbled (as they do in every trendy diet)

Halle Barry was even quoted as saying ‘say yes to keto’ as if it’s some cult…

So, why would you do it?

→ You pretty much eat high fat and or protein rich foods foods like meats, eggs, nuts, butter, coconut oil, fish, cheese, avocado…(to name few)

→ Pretty much avoid all carbs (including fruit) and even some veggies. 

→ This can keep it simple as you have one rule e.g. no carbs, as much protein and fat as you like

→ People tend to feel fuller for longer (that is the impact of eating higher protein)

→ As people cut out a ⅓ of their diet (e.g. carbs) and eat more protein as a result, people feel more satisfied and eat fewer calories.

→ If you eat fewer calories, you will lose weight

But what if you are not rigid? Will it still work?

→ the main benefit as to why keto works is because you – hopefully – eat fewer calories and are in a calorie deficit  

→ Even if you are not rigid to the keto diet but eat higher protein/ fat, lower carb and this means you eat fewer calories? You will get the benefits from a lower calorie, higher protein diet, e.g. fat loss, potentially maintaining more muscle, increased fullness, less decision fatigue (as you simply have a rule where you do not eat carbs)

But what if I eat carbs? Go out for a meal?

→ Enjoy the meal e.g. let’s say you are going for a curry with rice. It is not the rice that’s the issue but the total calories 

→  So what you can do is lower your fat that day earlier on, this will ensure you have the calories spare to enjoy your evening meal, making it flexible and fit for your lifestyle.

But won’t this stop me burning fat?

→ People who just ‘sell’ keto say that your body starts burning fat as fuel. And they’re right. Eat more fat, and your body will burn more fat…as fuel. But this doesn’t mean you will lose BODY FAT …unless of course you eat fewer calories…

Which you may on a keto diet as explained above.


Well, if you cut out bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, fruit, and pretty much all carbs…you’ve cut a third of your plate, right?

So you’ll probably end up losing some weight. 


If you were to ask everyone in a room to put their hand up if they have ever tried the keto diet…

And then asked this same group of people to KEEP their hand up if they are still doing it…

You’ll see very few people left with their hands up…

Because it is blooming hard to keep up…

This is why you should know that it is NOT about being rigid with it but making it fit your lifestyle (as explained above with the curry and rice)

After all:

The latest research showed that whether you go high carb or ‘ketogenic’…it will make NO difference to your weight loss if calories are the same.

this doesn’t mean that parts of being lowER carb are not useful. In fact, some of the ladies I work with DO experience less hunger and more energy when they eat slightly lowER carb meals.

My opinion on this?

The best diet in the world is the one you can do. 

I personally eat a lower carb diet 

I feel better and I enjoy lots of protein and fats (they keep me full and I think less about food / snacks that way)…

But I stay flexible…

Because what happens when you want to eat out? 

Have some rice with your curry? 

Have your roasties on a Sunday? 

What happens when you get bored of eating the same foods? 

Can you see yourself sticking to this? 

Keeping the weight off long-term so you can ditch the baggy clothes for good?

Or will you fall into the trap of believing your thoughts telling you that you’ve failed because you’ve eaten ‘carbs late at night’?

It’s why we make things super simple for you at Fruci Fit…

So you don’t have to ‘discriminate’ against so-called ‘bad foods’ …

Just like any healthy eating plan, it does require you to do it. And WANT to do it. To enjoy the benefits you get from it. The energy, the better sleep, less aches and pains (could go on)

Although it’s pretty simple and most of it is done for you and allows you to eat the foods you enjoy? You still have to actually do it. 

and that’s the secret…

Whether you do the keto diet or something else..

Just do something..

Because that is how you will learn what works for you

And get clarity on what doesn’t work…

Just like we do inside our kickstart one to one in our Summer Kickstart where we put together your starting step by step day by day plan (reply with ‘summer’ and I will get you the details)

Matt ‘bacon?’ Fruci

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