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Does anything matter more than this?

Does anything matter more than this?

That is..

What you say to yourself about yourself?

^^ read that again

As I am pretty sure that the things you hear from yourself

Dictate how you feel and what you DO..

Which then impacts your results….

All because you are in default mode…

Labelling yourself based on past experience …

Which might not even be as true as you describe them?

So how you change these?

Well, any success you have in life

Is pretty much based on rituals..

And even if you do ONE thing a day

Which helps you get closer to who and what you want to become?

At least you have given your chance of winning the day…

Whether that is doing a workout because your focus is how you WANT to feel rather than how you feel?

Eating a big salad / load of veggies at lunch so even if your meal later is a bit ‘off track’ you still had your veggies?

Going for walk / moving in the day as we know that improves your mood?

Whatever it is..

This is how you build confidence. 

As confidence comes from evidence of you DOING..

And that’s when the magic happens.

Like these messages in the images of this post we got this week:

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