Do your kids eat the same as you? 🤔

Question I had on Instagram after I posted my dinner on a story.

In short, yes they are offered the same meal as we eat…

As I don’t want to cook twice 😂 

Do they eat it? 

Sometimes, yes, sometimes no.

The thing I’ve learned over the past 5 years..

Is that they’re pretty good at compensating.

So I don’t really stress about how much they eat at a meal.

For example, tonight, one of the kids had bit of the veg and chips, Yoghurt, berries and an ice lolly. 

The other was asleep before we even got to dinner (swimming and park and turning 4 years old was a bit too much 🥂).

But I know she’ll compensate tomorrow.

I’m not going to stress and force her to eat. Tried to wake her up but she fell back to sleep

And let’s be honest, if I was asleep and someone woke me up and said “eat this now” I probably wouldn’t be happy 😂 I love my sleep 💤 

And it comes up a lot..

“How to deal with fussy kids / grandkids ?”

“I need kid friendly meals so I’m not cooking twice”

Now, there’s no right or wrong

But just offering variety, not stressing too much about each meal (after all it’s total intake rather than per meal that really counts) and actually not making a big deal of whether they finish their meal or not is probably a good thing…

Just like giving options of tried and tested foods, new foods they don’t have often, veggies, and also foods that might not be the healthiest, moving away from foods on a pedestal. 

Anyway, thanks for the question, it’s prompted to some more ideas for me

That’s it for now


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