Need a detox?

Good news!!!

You have a liver, lungs and kidneys…

These will get rid of any 'toxins' you have.

And if they don't, you probably need to go to A & E…

Rather than go on a low calorie diet, chug down kale smoothies, smother ourselves in Aloe Vera, and sip Matcha Green Tea…

And often, this will all be washed down with some overpriced supplements


10 tablespoons of cayenne pepper per day to 'eliminate every kind of disease' (and encourage the other half to initiate a divorce…).

A client of mine recently asked me about the Clean 9 Detox.

I'd never heard of it (and you call yourself a nutritionist, Matt?)

So I checked it out.

And saw this comment:

"I can recommend it. I completed the detox just before Easter and it's great!


I too am a distributor."

^^^ this was a common theme.

The only positive reviews being from…distributors getting commission.

"I lost weight but within 2 weeks I gained all the weight back.It's a con... doesn't work it's temporary"

"Laxative junk"

^^^ a few reviews I came across...from non-distributors!

You see, the "cleanse" diets cling to the idea that the human body is full of toxins that it has to get rid of.

But like most of these fad diets…

There's no context.

Take these few examples:

1. Water CAN kill you if you drink too much.

So, technically water is a toxin…

Drink more and you will 'wee' more (known as getting rid of toxins to the 'cleanse' experts)

2. Go for a…number 2…will get rid of toxins

So take a load of tablets that make you go to the toilet…

And you'll probably lose a bit weight (albeit short-term and, quite uncomfortably).

3. Cocoa can have a ton of benefits for blood pressure and potentially fatigue. It's safe to eat.

However, it's potentially a killer to dogs.

So it's good for us but a toxin for dogs...

One word: CONTEXT!

So, why do people keep doing detox and cleanse diets?

Well quite simply, the 7 lbs in 7 days sounds good, right?

Even though, it's mainly water.

Remember, weight loss doesn't mean FAT loss.

And just like one of the reviews said:

"I lost weight but within 2 weeks I gained all the weight back. It's a con... doesn't work, it's temporary"

^^^ it's not sustainable.

And as a client (Billy) said this week:

"I'd sip my Matcha Green Tea and think, now what?"

It's like I was waiting for something magic to happen.

When – in fact – all it takes is getting the right amounts of food to nourish and fuel her body to have more energy, get fitter and stronger, and understand EXACTLY how to lose fat whilst still HAVING A LIFE…

And by having a life…I mean enjoying a nice patisserie(s) in France without worrying about what this might do to our weight loss efforts and thinking that we'll have to get back on the 'detox' cleanse on Monday…

Matt "the toxin killer" Fruci

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