So I was in Italy the other week

For my brother’s wedding for 2 days…

Great to see family I have never met before 


Get some sun and sea

Albeit for a day..

As despite the 5 hours at the airport 

Where I was sleeping on the floor only

To be woken up by security twice for taking up too much room on a chair…

^^ my leg was on the chair haha

And the hour delay on the way back.

And the morning of the flight back

Despite being a little hungover from red vino and Amoro (an Italian liquor meant to be good for digestion haha not sure of the science behind that) 

I had an amazingly productive morning..

A walk to find a beach

Swim in the sea

A live morning chat

Check ins with clients

Another swim in the sea

Then back to the airport

For catch up calls 


Once upon a time 

I would have been annoyed at the delays


Super hungover.


There is one thing that sticks in my head

‘Mental health needs physical support’


When I move

Be more active

Regardless of how I feel at the time..

I ALWAYS feel better for it.

And it makes me better able to deal with any stress

Throughout the day

And this is coming from a personal trainer, coach, nutritionist 

Who does NOT really enjoy exercise

But rather enjoy having done exercise.

The key part?

Act based on how you want to feel rather than how you currently feel 🙂


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