I turn around 

Only for my 4 year old to look around 

Acting like it wasn’t her

To which I say “who was that?”

I turn back around 


And again, I turn around and 

My 4 year old pretends it wasn’t her 😂 

2 hours later (ish)

And as amazing as these moments are

My patience starts to thin a bit 😂 

Funny part?

It’s everything I deserve ..

I’ve spent the past 4 years (her whole life)

Doing the same to her

Tapping her on the shoulder and looking the other way 

Shouting “Imogen” and looking away 😆 

My point?

What we do today impacts what happens tomorrow. 

In other words 

With every choice

What would be different if we were conscious  with our decisions and considered the benefits and the costs?

Questions for you today…

Will this choice bring me long-term fulfilment or short term gratification? 

^^This is a great opportunity to swap something that you ‘want’

 e.g. maybe you do want to snack in the evening, 

for something that you ‘want more’ e.g. to have more energy, get the endorphin rush that comes with doing what you said you would do, fitting your clothes better etc. 

So you need to act based on how the future, more fulfilled YOU would act. 

What would that future you do in this situation? 

What choices would they make? 

We trick ourselves into thinking it is gratifying to make a choice that actually takes us further away from where we want to be.

If you want a future that doesn’t look like your past, you have to make new choices in the present. 

Now, consider that just because you are opting for long term fulfilment it doesn’t mean you won’t experience short term gratification. 

Because not all short term gratification is ‘negative’. Meditating, napping, exercising, dancing with my daughters etc. all of these give me instant / short term gratification.

That’s it for now 


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