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Consider this before doing any diet…

Some of the ladies have mentioned to me a few times now 

That they get asked:

“What kind of diet does Matt make you do?”

Hinting at the idea that I have some specific, secret diet..

Thing is..

The ladies often say that they can’t really answer it 

Because there’s no specific ONE way..

It’s down to you and your lifestyle.

And speaking of lifestyle…

I thought I’d share 5 questions to ask 

To help you choose the right “diet” do you: 

1- does it fit your lifestyle? Can you actually stick to it given demands of work / life / family? The best diet in the world is the one you can do…

2- has it worked for people like you? Has it worked for people who are similar ages / have similar challenges as you?

3- is there an “exit” strategy ? Aka is it simply a “diet” to lose weight or is there a plan to help you maintain it? Help you actually turn your exciting goal, into a day by day, step by step plan?

4- is it what you actually need? This might sound weird. But sometimes people don’t need “another diet to lose weight” but actually time to build a positive relationship with food to help overcome deeper issues that keep coming up and knocking you off the bandwagon (comfort eating / emotional eating for example) 

5- is it too good to be true? Skinny water / skinny coffee etc…feel free to try it…I mean if it helps you achieve a calorie deficit then great. But just know it’s glorified water / coffee..

Enjoy the rest of 2019 😃

Matt “2020” Fruci