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fasting good for weight loss?

fasting good for weight loss?

“Is fasting good to help me lose weight?”​

A question I had the other day. ​​

In short, it can be, yes.


Well, let’s say you skipped breakfast and only 2 meals a day? Your chances of overeating on calories that day may be lower…

Which means you will lose weight. 

That said, fasting MAY also help you if you have prediabetes by improving how quickly your cells can take up blood sugar and respond to food. 

In some, it can also help with hunger.

In short, fasting can be a simple way to reduce calories without having to count them. 

therefore, you might lose weight without counting calories

Ideal if you can’t be bothered to count them…​​​​​​


For others?

It results in a restrict – binge scenario. 

All you think about is food all day. And you end up giving in to the cake in the office…followed by the F it Mindset, start again Monday…​​​​

Take Home:​​

​​Ultimately, losing body fat will improve the health of most people, regardless of whether you did it by fasting or not.

The principle behind this is creating a calorie deficit. Which means more out, less in. ​​

The TACTIC you use to get there has to fit your lifestyle.

Don’t like eating breakfast and feel like you’re forcing it down? 

Why not delay it until mid morning and see how you go? Maybe it’ll help you if you struggle at that mid afternoon crash time of the day?

Enjoy breakfast? 

Keep it eating it. Just be sure to control your portions in your meals 🙂

But I get that you probably know that already. 

In fact, through working with thousands of people and helping them to lose fat and tone up, I’ve found that most need 3 things:

1) A simple personalised fitness and food plan that gives you the freedom to eat the foods you love (including your prosecco and Gin and tonic…) but some structure so you know what and when to eat so you can lose weight (and stick to it even on your busiest days)

^^^ As you probably have enough choices to make on the daily, right?

2) ​​​Accountability so you do the things that you know you need to do (and get a nice polite kick up the bum to help 😉)

3) Support from like-minded ladies all in the same boat looking to tone up, get fit and have some fun doing it so you don’t lose motivation when it gets tough…​​


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nervous about my first session…

 nervous about my first session…

“I’m nervous about my first session”

I get this a lot.

I mean, most of the ladies have experiences of gyms 

That they would rather forget.


Thinking everyone is looking at them

20 year olds lifting weights 

Feeling intimidated. 

I get it …

But we do things a lot differently to a commercial gym.

We are able to personalise everything for you

Whether you have a aches, pains, or join issues


If you haven’t exercised for a while

And not sure where to start / don’t have the motivation to do the things you know you need to do .

Maybe you’ve been told before that you have to be aching for it to be working?

You have to be sweating because sweat is fat crying?

Well, I did a video on this here:


I’ve had a few questions about where we are

And what the studio looks like.

So we are based in Marlborough and Devizes at our ladies only personal training studios. 

We also do outside as well.

A lot of people have asked where we are in Devizes,

Here is a little video showing you where:


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You’re invited to Matt’s birthday party…

You’re invited to Matt’s birthday party

Congratulations. You are invited to Matt’s birthday party. 

Everyone will get presents 

And you will all get a prize during pass the parcel 

Ok, so today is my birthday. 

But what I wanted to share with you today is something that got a lot of attention in the media with all the debate about whether kids should keep score and league tables in sport at schools

And you might not like this, but here’s what this American footballer, James Harrison, said:

“I came home to find out that my boys received two trophies for nothing, participation trophies! 

While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned 

and I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best…

because sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better…not whine until somebody gives you something to and keep you happy”

I have to admit…

I do agree. 

I’m passionate about family life and seeing everyone around you be happy

^^^ hence why I’m always talking about NOT letting crazy diets stop you eating your favourite foods and enjoying meals out with friends and family (as I once did)

But sometimes, I wonder if trophies like this are priming us to miss the value of DOING THE WORK.

Don’t you think?

It reminds me of all these crash diets

We start the diet super motivated thinking that it’s going be all glitter and that when we drop a few pounds doing whatever it takes that we’ll be happy

Only to then get a harsh dose of reality when 

We have that ‘hard’ week

We lack that motivation 

Even though we know what to do 

We still don’t do it..

And this is frustrating..

But like James Harrison says:

You should be proud of everything you do

But it doesn’t mean it is enough to get the outcome you are looking for.

My favourite part?

The things you learn from DOING 

Will give you the tools to make sure that these habits are there for good 🙂

And although you might think having ‘good habits’ means never messing up?

What if it actually meant that no matter how ‘rubbish’ you felt your day was?

You could just make it day one today…

Matt ‘Happy birthday’ Fruci

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Why motivation is not your problem….

Why motivation is not your problem….

So this week we have a talk from Dr Adam Bibbey who’s a researcher into psychology and motivation…

And given this

What I am about to say may surprise you…

Or it may not..

After all

I’m proud to say that I often talk about the same things time and time again..


Because why make things more complicated than they need to be?

So back in 2001, a study was completed in the UK with a group of people to try and build improved exercise habits. ​[if you’ve ever struggled with motivation in the past then you are going to find this very interesting]

The group was divided into 3.

GROUP 1 – The control group – were simply asked to track how often they exercised.

GROUP 2 – The motivation group – were asked to track their workouts BUT also to read material on the ‘benefits’ of exercise.

The researchers also explained to this group how exercise could reduce the risk of heart disease.

GROUP 3 – The planning group – They did all of the above BUT were also asked to do a plan writing down when and where they would exercise the following week.​The specific sentence they had to write down was:

‘During the next week, I will partake in at least 20 minutes of exercise on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE]”

The Results – What % then actually exercised at least once the following week?

Group 1 = 35%

Group 2 = 38%

Group 3 = 91%

The reason for there being such a high success rate in group 3 is because of something called..​​ Implementation Intention.

“When situation ‘X’ arises, I will perform response ‘Y’”

THIS IS THE KEY to you finally being successful with your health and fitness goals​​ [in fact you can apply this to absolutely any goal that you set]

This is why just joining a standard gym and even some slimming clubs might not always work….

This is why just saying “I’m motivated this time’ is not enough.

This is why just saying “I’m going to eat more healthily’ is not enough.

MOTIVATION was never your problem.

Having the right plan in place probably was..

Simple? – Yep

Easy? – Actually yes….providing you just focus on 1 day at a time…

Start this now.

Write the above sentence down and fill in the blanks – you have a 91% success rate of turning up if you do this. ​​Then book your sessions.​

Once you’ve booked your sessions….write it down.

And as Woody Allen said, we all know that 80% of success is…….. ‘Showing Up’ 


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How to stop falling off the bandwagon (even if you have a holiday)

How to stop falling off the bandwagon (even if you have a holiday)


(and I say “luckily” as who knew where we might have been when Lockdown 3.0 was announced for January)…

Some of us will now be thinking about Summer holidays…

(Despite this rain I see as I stare out of my window) 

Get aways

Days out

Weekends away



But most importantly 

More time with friends and family.. 

And I know a lot of the ladies recently starting on the Kickstart programme have mentioned 

About wanting to feel more confident about going away this Summer.

In fact, it’s come around so quick..

So had this question:

“Any tips for not falling off the wagon completely on a holiday??”

We’ve all been there. Putting off starting a new ‘diet’ or fitness programme because you have a holiday, a wedding, birthday  / social event etc…


Worried that a holiday, wedding, or birthday / social event will derail all your progress and that you can’t have both…

But is this the problem?

That is, you’re ALWAYS trying to lose weight? 

You’re never happy with lowering your expectations a little bit? 

You’re never happy being OK with putting on a few lbs enjoying yourself on holiday even though you’ve lost 10lbs?

It’s like we either have to be losing 10lbs in 10 days or gaining 10lbs in 10 days right? 

Well, that’s if you listen the BBC and the Daily Mail

^^^ Who’s job are NOT to provide nutrition advice…but rather to entertain you. Even some of the doctors knowledge on nutrition is very questionable and I would recommend questioning everything. Even me. Especially me, actually. 

Anyway, this weight loss and healthy lifestyle stuff doesn’t have to be this ON / OFF, all or nothing thing 

Of course, you have to make SOME compromises. But if you can’t enjoy yourself? What is the actual point?

Like seriously, why do you do all of this? Or why do you want to do any of this health and fitness stuff?

For me?

It impacts my energy

^^ not much you do doesn’t rely on this…  

Which is the single biggest factor in me being productive 

And Better to be around

Which is what I really value both for my family, friends  and my work. 

So, here’s a few tips to not completely fall off the wagon on holiday but still have a life:

1. Go Explore 

Get walking. 

Go explore the local areas and – if possible – avoid taxis and public transport.

When on my honeymoon in the Caribbean years ago (yes, somehow I am still married)

I don’t think we would have seen such beautiful places if it wasn’t for some of the walking 

and bike tours (where I realised just how unfit I was on a bike as a token family of 4 wait at the top of the hill for me haha)

If you want to do some exercise, do a hotel room workout: squats, leg raises BEFORE brekkie

2. Think “full” and “satisfied” –

It can be difficult to get enough protein in when you’re away 

but it will help keep you full and satisfied. 

fill your plate with fish, beans, lean meats etc. 

(accompanied with fruit and veggies for your fibre and don’t forget WATER with every meal!!)

3- Eat less often but when you do…GO BIG? –

This strategy is useful for when you’re exploring and out and about. 

For example, you might have a big, satisfying breakfast (think eggs) but then not eat again until the evening 

which kind of means you have a fast and allows you to have some flexibility to enjoy local food?

So, by not picking throughout the day and sticking to “usual” meal times (e.g. lunch)

 it means you can still enjoy your favourite food and drinks and minimise the possibility of overeating.

4- Focus on company NOT food 

5- Aim for pretty good NOT perfect

6- Remind yourself there’s a difference between being ‘full’ and ‘having enough’ and use the 50% rule….

The 50% rule means looking at your dinner and assessing whether you are still hungry when half of your plate is gone.

Still hungry?

Eat another 50% of what is left and assess again.

7- Remember you are choosing what you eat. You’re not missing out. You’re aligning your actions / behaviours with your goals.

8- Walk around the buffet before picking up a plate

Finally, don’t stress too much. The stress and worry is probably more detrimental than the ice cream by the beach  😉

Or even the mojito by the pool if you’re in the safe zone…

And don’t forget that you’re on holiday to enjoy yourself and create memorable moments that you’ll cherish forever.

After all, life is for living. 

And if your ‘diet’  or “Healthy Lifestyle”

doesn’t allow you to make the choices that make you happy 

Whether that’s having a drink and enjoying your favourite foods or not..

You might need a new one ..

You do what makes YOU happy.

And if you’re waiting for the perfect time before you start

then you probably have things the wrong way round.

Matt ‘summer lovin’ Fruci

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It happened so quick…

It happened so quick…

“Wait for Daddy before going down’

We said to our 2 year old yesterday at the park waiting to go down this big tube slide..

And there I am

Strolling up the steps to the tube slide again…

Then I hear ‘wait…wait, not yet’ from Mrs Fruci

And oh


 she’s gone down…

Then all I see is my 2 year old’s smiley face

Come out at the bottom..

“I want to do it again”

I mean, who am I to judge which slide she can go down..

Although these new parks looks nice,

The slides are definitely slower.

I enjoy that I can use the phrase:

“The slides aren’t what they were like in my day”

Speaking of which..

We always put the past on a pedestal…

We always make out the past to be better than it was..

Because we are biased..

And remember the good times..

I mean, I can look at back at University, school etc.

With amazing memories.

But if I look deeper in there..

There were also many not so good times…

From eating disorder

To anxiety around public speaking .

I could go on..

But I was having a few chats this week with some of the ladies on our Fit For Life Programme 

And they mentioned that they had a few ‘bad’ days…

Felt like they had gone backwards.


Because for the last 3 days they hadn’t come to a session with us…

Yep, just 3 days of not doing it..

And they had decided they had gone backwards..

Rather than thinking..

‘Wow, it’s been a month since the last time I went 3 days without doing a session”

My point here?

We are focussing on what we haven’t done rather than what we have done..

What this really shows us is how well we have done..

But by focussing on the negative?

We immediately go into that ‘sod it’ / ‘F it’ space.

“I’m rubbish”

“Same old me. This is where I normally mess up”

But guess what?

This is a part of the journey..

In fact, in a research study where they look at what people who lose 10lbs or more and keep it off for at least 10 months..

These people have often tried a lot in the past.

Failed a lot…

But what does this do?

Makes them more resilient..

Because you grow from it.

You learn from it..

And the bigger mistake people make?

Is that we then don’t VALUE the small things that we once did to get started on our journey

Because we think we should be doing more..

Here is an example:

We get your busy..

Maybe you have not exercised in a while.

Which is why we do our 10 minute workouts..

To accompany some longer ones, like 20 and 30 minutes..

But here’s the thing..

You might say ‘10 minutes is not enough’

So ‘ there’s not point’


You end up doing 0 minutes..

Which is 70 minutes less a week…

280 minutes a month..

And 3360 minutes of exercise a year..

Which is like exercising for 2 days and 8 hours (quick Maths….joking, I Googled it)

Not bad though, right?

So my challenge toyou is this:

If you say ‘it is not enough’

And end up doing nothing instead..

I want to challenge you to earn the right to say it does nothing

By doing that very thing you said is not worth it…

Be it water before each meal

Be it a 10 minute workout


Happy Saturday 


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Eating out and ‘staying on track’…

Eating out and ‘staying on track’…

So we had a curry takeaway the other weeknd..

First in a while with Mrs Fruci

There I was promising myself I would choose something different..

Only to go for the Tikka again… 

But the thing is, eating out and on-the-go when trying to lose some weight, get fit and drop a few dress sizes is one of the most common challenges I hear from the ladies i work with…

“What’s the best thing to choose?”

or even…

“Maybe this isn’t the best time to start?”

“Will it still work if I eat out a lot?”

Almost like you have to choose one or the other…eating out or losing weight…

And I guess it comes down to what you mean by ‘work’…

it’s only going to ‘work’ if you fit the ‘diet’ to YOUR lifestyle….

And I’m pretty sure, that your lifestyle will involve meals out…

Holidays, Christmas, birthdays, Easter,  and even your local nutritionist inviting you to curry nights out (can’t wait to do that again)…

So what can you do?

Well, not only did I ask some of the ladies in our Fit For Life Programme what they do when eating out, but I also combined this with what the sciencey stuff says about eating out and still losing weight…

1. Choose the social events you’re going to enjoy and others where you’ll make healthier choices

2. Walk around a buffet before picking up a plate

3. Know there’s a difference between being full up and having enough

4. Focus on company not food (it is a social event)

5. Know that you are not missing out, but simply aligning your actions with your goals. 

how much of what you choose to eat is based on what other people do?

One study showed that when 2 out of the 3 friends opted for the ‘healthier’ option, the 3rd friend followed

6. Think Debits and Credits – Whether you’re tracking points, calories, syns, or just trying to eat ‘heathy portions’, all can work. 

But how might your mindset around thinking ‘F it, I’ll start again on Monday’ change if you knew that you COULD allow more on certain days to compensate and less on others?

Put it this way, if you had a budget of £100 for a week and you spent £80 in 1 day, you wouldn’t think ‘F it…might as well spend £800’

Yet that is essentially our mindset when it comes to food…

Causing you to spiral from one bad meal to one bad day to one bad week to ‘what’s the point’…

And it’s blooming hard getting started again…​​​​​

Key take home?

Eating out is probably a part of your lifestyle.

So by saying you can’t start or there’s no point in starting if you’re eating out

Is basically saying that you either have to give up your social life or stay the same as it’s not ‘perfect’

And -again – it comes back down to that belief you have that it has to be ‘perfect’…

Which stops you sticking to something for long enough to see the results you want to see…

You see, time with family and friends and having some fun (which you’re allowed to do)

is probably the reason why you want to invest some time and energy in your health and fitness…

To have more energy. Confidence. Feel great in the clothes you wear. How you feel. 

Eliminate aches and pains..

Sure, some compromises have to be made…

and ​​you’ll probably get quicker results if you never eat out and deprive yourself…

But that’s not for me…

and it probably comes to the question of:

What makes you happy?​​​​

Matt ‘love a curry’ Fruci

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Don’t do it this way…

Don’t do it this way…

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked about

Which diet we do at Fruci Fit…

Almost like I am going to say:

“My way or the highway”

“Don’t do it this way”

“That doesn’t work”

The diet and health & fitness industry is littered with this extremist way of thinking.

One thing I have learnt working with thousands of people over the years

Is that there is no ONE right way…

Low carb

High carb

Low fat


High dairy

Lots of meat and fish




Even online vs in-person workouts

Just yesterday I had two chats with people.

One person said:

“You know what, Matt, I love the in- person sessions, I don’t know how people can do it from home”

Then another person

Saying how amazing online is and how it is so convenient. 

The truth is,

We have to personalise this for YOU..

Because when we do this?

You do it.

And when you do the things you said you would do

You will get results..

Here’s just some of the messages from yesterday (see images in post)


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Same sh1t, different day?

Same sh1t, different day?

I’ve worked with 1000’s of people across the world,

Mainly based around Wiltshire, Berkshire and Somerset 

But some all over the world…

And something I’ve found 

Is that the struggles 

And problems 

Are the same ..

Different levels,yes, 

but in the essence, the same 


Here are just a few of the usual suspects:

  1. Vitamin P (procrastination): 

Often in the “it’s not the right time” mindset..

I need to think about it more…

Which often means we miss out on opportunities and go backwards….

Be it with our hobbies, social life or health..

  1. Getting wasted:

I’m guilty of this. Not “wasted wasted” 🍷 , but wasting hours scrolling social media and news sites, getting stressed about other people’s problems..

  1. Getting a quick Stress fix

Comforting stress with sugar fixes, alcohol and Kate nights which actually make us feel more stressed…

Taking our energy further away from the things we really care about 

  1. Worries about letting others down 

Will do anything not to let others down, even at the expense of ourselves…

Then resent others because we don’t do the things we know we need to do …

  1. Not considering the costs 

The costs of our daily habits, whether that comfort eating, drinking, junk food, time lost with loved ones 

And I can say that they all appeal to me, too.

Luckily, I’ve invested in many coaches over the years to help me.

I’m much further forward than where I was 

But still not perfect, never perfect. Far from. 

But I’m not embarrassed to say “help”

When I need it…

Because everything is solvable. 

If you’d like more info about our next Kickstart programme 

Specifically for ladies over 40 and over 50 who know what to do already 

But need the plan and accountability to do it

Then send over a message and I’ll get you the details.


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Did you see it?

Did you see it?


It seems to be everyone (other than me)

Has been into Line of Duty…

My social media was plastered with it.

Most saying they 

Were disappointed with the ending.

“It was the best cop show ever until the end”

You’re probably thinking:

“Why are you sharing this, Matt?”


It’s similar to what happens when we start a fitness or healthy eating kick..

We often set a goal like:

“I want to lose 2 stone by [insert date]”

“I want to get rid of my aches and pains by [insert date]”

“I want to be able to walk up the hill near my house without getting breathless and needing to stop by [insert here]”

“I want to get up and down from the floor more easily by [insert here]”

And these are all good.

They’re outcome based goals

Which could help us get out of bed and do the things we know we need to do 

^^ us “nagging” at Fruci Fit often helps as the ladies tell us 😂 

But the thing is…

These outcomes are NOT in your control.

You cannot 100% whether they happen or not, no matter what you do.

The problem with this?

There’s no guarantee 

You’ll be happy 

Whether you hit this goal or not.

And the bigger problem?

If you don’t hit it, you often thinking it’s a waste of time 

Or a let down..

“Line of Duty was the best show until the ending”


But the thing is,

Like with the entertainment you maybe got from Line of Duty

I can guarantee there were some positives with your health and fitness despite not hitting your goal ..

Be it with your fitness level 

You’re sleeping better 

Your bone density has improved (unfortunately you’ll not know about this unless you fall over and don’t break a bone….)

You’ve reduced your risk of diabetes / cardiovascular disease / certain cancers

Boosted your immune system 

More energy 

Your mental health Has improved 

Maybe clothes are fitting better..

Thing is,

We often forget about all of these benefits.

That can come from the PROCESS goal..


Something you can control everyday. 

Which is – as we do inside our Kickstart Programme –

Track one habit at a time with your food, fitness and focus (self care)….

Have you moved today?

Did you stick to your food habit ? Your water?

Did you do something for you? 

You see…

There’s no happy ending to an unhappy journey…

 And you probably know all of this already ..

Most of the ladies on our programme know what to do already.

But knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing …

Which is why get you to do the things you know you need to do…

Which includes putting your attention on how you want to feel

And doing what you CAN do rather than focussing on what you can’t do..

And I get it 

I’ve been the same with public speaking 

And even doing what I do today..

Showing up with no one coming to any sessions..

But I just kept going ..

And that’s something that we help others do.

Keep going

And challenge their beliefs 

That they’re different 

And that it won’t work for you…