Can you become a ‘new person’?

Got this message last week from one of the awesome members at Fruci Fit, Julie

Amazing work

✅From feeling ‘older and unfit’ to feeling like a new person

✅Fitness levels increasing

✅Losing inches

✅Dropping weight

✅Trying new things and no longer nervous about exercise, evening trying new things like Boxing and pilates 🙂 

Well done, Julie.

So can you become a ‘new person’?

Well, research shows that to change your habits you often have to think differently…

What you do today, you are more likely to do tomorrow.

And this can start off as small, seemingly insignificant habits

^^ which maybe you even think are pointless habits.

Over time?

These can add up. 

To significant transformation..

In fact, 

“If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you’ll end up 37 times better by the time you’re done.” – James Clear

So in essence..

Worrying today about whether you can 

‘Keep it up”

“Whether you are fit enough”

Whether the results will last”

Is pretty much pointless. 


Because you might be a ‘new person’ by then..

But it all starts with that first step.

Like Julie mentioned. 

Take that first step.

Just like Julie did with the 28 Day Kickstart.

(message me with ‘kickstart’ and I can get you the details and see if this might be suitable)


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